PUBG Mobile is the most popular smartphone game right now and attracts millions of players from all over the world. The popular online multiplayer battle royale game is free to download and play, but a large chunk of revenue is generated through in-game purchases using real money. To buy anything and everything that's not free in PUBG Mobile, UC (Unknown Cash) is what players need and it doesn't come cheap.

PUBG Mobile received 0.11.0 update with new zombie mode and a slew of new outfits. If you've been eyeing that rare costume or want to get those extra RPs and exclusive items with it, UC cash is essential. While PUBG Mobile has a seamless way of letting players buy UC cash from within the game, a little bit of a detour can fetch you extra UCs for the same price or get you a discount.

That said, PUBG Mobile has recently added Paytm, India's largest mobile wallet service, to the mode of payments while purchasing UC cash. Not only does Paytm make it easy to purchase UC cash, but it also fetches some discounts along the way.

How to get discount on UC?

If you're trying to purchase an item within PUBG Mobile and you don't have enough UC, you'll be redirected to the various UC packages starting at Rs 79 and going all the way up to Rs 7,900. PUBG offers some extra UC on all but the basic package. But if you choose to use Paytm as your payment method, you can fetch more UC or get some discount.

Buy UC from Paytm
Buy UC from PaytmScreenshot - Paytm

UC recharge for PUBG Mobile players is only available on via, where players will need to log in with their Facebook account or game ID and password to continue. Once logged in, your PlayerID alongside nickname will appear and the Paytm option to purchase UC will be selected by default.

If you have a promo code, you can choose Redeem Code option, or continue with Paytm.

Buyers will need to select an amount from the various options and each of which will give UC and a free Leopard Mask. The UC recharge packs start as low as Rs 40 for 35 UC and go as high as Rs 7,900 for 8,750 UC.

Check out all UC recharge options below:

Buy UC from Paytm
Buy UC from PaytmScreenshot

We compared these with PUBG Mobile's standard offerings and found the Paytm option to be a better choice. PUBG mobile offers:

  • 60 UC for Rs 79
  • 190 UC for Rs 249
  • 325 UC for Rs 420
  • 660 UC for Rs 799
  • 1,800 UC for Rs 1,949
  • 3,850 UC for Rs 3,999
  • 7,100 UC for Rs 7,999

By comparing these recharge options with the ones offered by Paytm, anyone can find the lucrative deal.