While PUBG Mobile is usually adding new features to make the gameplay exciting, but the players are missing a special mode which was introduced with Season 4 update. Tencent Games added features like rainy weather, new M762 rifle and Royale Pass Season 4 in the recent 0.9.5 update, but there was another interesting addition of Hardcore Mode, which is no longer available.

PUBG Mobile announced on Monday that the game's Hardcore Mode will be removed on December 4, and accessing the game no longer shows the option to play without visual cues on the map during the gameplay.

For what it's worth PUBG Mobile had announced at the time of introducing Hardcore Mode that it'll be available periodically in the form of "Hardcore Week." Now that limited availability has come to an end and players won't be able to access the special arcade mode anymore.

PUBG Mobile hardcore mode removed
PUBG Mobile hardcore mode removedScreenshot/PUBG

We tried playing PUBG Mobile in Hardcore Mode and despite the initial challenges, it gets easier as and when the game progresses. In Hardcore Mode, there won't be any visual cues like bullet marks or footprints on the mini-map. But that's not it, the automatic door opening, item pick-up ability, and reloading is also disabled. Given the difficulty levels of the game, it is less likely that players will miss it. 

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There's no word on if the hardcore mode will be available in the mobile game, but there are chances PUBG Mobile might bring it upon limited availability basis.

The Hardcore Mode is borrowed from the PC version of the game, which could be one of many features to come in the future. PUBG Mobile announced a new collaboration with Capcom for the Resident Evil 2 remake and released an interesting teaser featuring zombies in the gameplay. It remains to be seen how that turns out. Stay tuned for updates.