PUBG Mobile is the hottest sensation in India right now and there's more reason to win those rewarding "Chicken Dinners." Following the success of PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 where Oppo and Tencent distributed Rs 50 lakh-worth cash payouts and prizes, a new PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 is kicking off with twice the reward money.

Tencent Games announced OPPO PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019, which is the latest eSports tournament open for all PUBG Mobile players in India. The competition is worth participating as there's a prize pool of Rs 1 crore, which includes cash rewards and phones sponsored by Oppo.

The grand finale of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 will be held on March 10, where 20 squads will compete against each other for the highest prize money. The winner bags Rs 30 lakh in cash prize, while teams coming in second and third will get Rs 10 lakh and Rs 5 lakh, respectively. The generosity extends to the other 17 teams in the top 20, who will win cash prizes at the end of the tournament. Check out the prize pool chart below:

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 prize pool details
PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 prize pool detailsPUBG

In addition to that, best players will be rewarded Rs 50,000 based on the category they win, which includes:

MVP – Awarded to the player with maximum number of MVP

The Exterminators – Awarded to the team with maximum kills

The Healers – Awarded to the team with the highest number of revives

The Redeemer – Awarded to the player with highest amount of health restored

The Lone Ranger – Awarded to the player with the maximum survival time

The Rampage Freak – Awarded to the player for the maximum number of kills in one game

Since Oppo is sponsoring the event, a total of 162 Oppo smartphones will be distrusted to players depending on their skills shown in each game.

How to participate?

Unlike PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018, where only students were allowed to participate, the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 lets anyone with level 20 or above to participate in the event.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019
PUBG Mobile India Series 2019PUBG

Registration is as simple as clicking "Register Now" on the game's website and fill out the form with accurate details. After successful registration, one must join or create a squad of 4 players. Registrations started on January 10 and will go on till January 23, 2019.

There will be qualifying rounds before the grand finale. First is the In-Game Qualifier round, where players must play 15 Classic matches in Erangel with the registered squad from January 21 till January 28, 2019.

The next selection round will be online playoffs in 3 rounds:

In the first round, the top 2,000 squads from In-Game Qualifier round will be seeded into 100 groups, each consisting 20 squads. Top four squads from each group will go to the second round.

In the second round, the top 400 squads from the previous round will be seeded into 20 groups and top 4 squads from each group will move to the third round.

The final round will be a stand-off between top 80 squads seeded into 4 groups, each consisting of 20 squads. These squads will play Best of 3 points-based knockout matches and the top 5 squads from each group will move to the grand finale.

The top 20 teams will compete in the grand finale, which will kick off in March. More details on venue, dates will be revealed closer to the event.

It's worth pointing out that all participants must have the latest version of the game installed on their own device, which will be used to play during the tournament.

"We are committed to building a sustainable Esports ecosystem for gamers in India. The PUBG MOBILE Campus Championship last October was a great start, and with the support of OPPO, we look forward to making the PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019 the next big event for Esports in India," Aneesh Aravind, General Manager, Tencent Games, India, said in a statement.