PUBG Mobile has become a household name among gamers as well as non-gamers. While the popular battle royale multiplayer game has sensationalised mobile gaming, some critics have called out PUBG Mobile for its vices. Joining the nationwide discussion about PUBG Mobile's ban in India is Goa IT minister Rohan Khaunte, who is calling the game demonic.

While a lot of people have criticised PUBG Mobile over addiction fears, low grades in exams for teens, causing anger and mood swings, Khaunte's views about the game are rather strong. The minister has also expressed deep concern regarding students who are playing PUBG and neglecting studies.

"I am not aware of states banning PUBG but some law has to be made to ensure there is a restriction on it in Goa. PUBG has become a demon in every house. Students, instead of studying, are engrossed in playing PUBG," Khaunte was quoted as saying by the PTI.

Khaunte has further asked Goa CM Manohar Parrikar to consider taking an action on PUBG Mobile in the state. The minister did not directly speak about a blanket ban on the game, but demanded a law of some sort should be in place to regulate the game's impact on children.

"The country should not face a situation like the US and other countries where children are addicted to PUBG. We have to encash on good opportunities, else we will have liability… we will have dumb generation instead of smart generation which we have today," Khaunte said at a gathering after laying the foundation stone for Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

PUBG Mobile ban in India
PUBG Mobile ban in India row continuesIBTimes India

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered a piece of advice to a concerned mother, who complained of PUBG's influence on her kid, by highlighting the importance of technology.  "Like everything else, technology too comes with its positives and negatives. As parents, we must guide our children to get the most from technology. Encourage their inquisitiveness on learning about various apps... like how to build something, or cook something."

Even though there is no ban imposed on the popular game PUBG Mobile has grown to be in just a year, several cases are certainly not shining a good light on the game. Recently, a case was reported where a PUBG addict left his pregnant wife and son over the game. In another incident, an 18-year-old committed suicide when his parents refused to buy a high-end smartphone to play PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG MobileIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Whether PUBG Mobile will be banned in Goa remains to be seen, but Gujarat has banned the game in all primary schools across state – becoming the first Indian state to do so. A viral incident of an 11-year-old kid going far and beyond to get the game banned in India was widely reported, but there's no action taken against PUBG Mobile.

While all this is happening, PUBG Mobile players continue to enjoy frequent updates with new features. The upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update is expected to bring the highly-talked-about zombie mode among other changes. PUBG Mobile developers Tencent Games is yet to comment on all the criticisms against the game in India.

Are you siding with Khaunte on this debate or you just can't wait to play the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile? Share your thoughts with us.