PSV Garuda Vega
PSV Garuda Vega

Director Praveen Sattaru's Telugu movie PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M starring Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Kishore and Shraddha Das has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

PSV Garuda Vega is a spy action comedy thriller film and director Praveen Sattaru has written the story, screenplay and dialogues in collaboration with Niranjan Reddy. The movie has been produced by M Koteswara Raju and Murali Srinivas under the banner Jyo Star Enterprises. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of 2 hours 38 minutes.

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PSV Garuda Vega Story: Shekhar (Rajasekhar) is an investigative officer with the NIA and is married to Swathi (Pooja Kumar). He has been assigned to investigate the Mumbai terror attacks. But his personal life gets involved with his professional. How he completes this mission forms the crux of the story of PSV Garuda Vega.

Analysis: Praveen Sattaru has chosen a unique and interesting story and also created an arresting screenplay for PSV Garuda Vega. The first half is engaging with some twists and turns and the second half is also equally entertaining, but bit slow and dragging in parts, say the audience.

Performance: Dr Rajasekhar has appeared in a never-seen-before avatar and has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of PSV Garuda Vega. Pooja Kumar, Kishore and Shraddha Das have also done brilliant jobs and they are big assets of the movie. Ali, Adith Arun, Nassar, Posani Krishna Murali, Sayaji Shinde, Prudhvi Raj, Srinivas Avasarala and others have also done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: PSV Garuda Vega has brilliant production values, which are on par with international standards. Amazing choreography of action and stunts, stunning background score, picturisation and spectacular VFX works are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here are the live updates of PSV Garuda Vega movie review rating by the audience:

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#PSVGarudaVega A slick action thriller. Has some riveting episodes in the first half. Is made with rich production & technical values. #PSVGarudaVega Second half wobbles & too lengthy but decent action thriller on whole. The film has tailor-made role for Dr.Rajasekhar.

Idlebrain jeevi‏ @idlebrainjeevi

Watching #GarudaVega in PRASADS. Interval now. Gripping first half with taut screenplay and high octane action sequences! #GarudaVega is @ActorRajasekhar comeback film. Praveen Sattaru ups the ante and delivers a hitech action film. Is engaging and will be a hit Most of the fights in Telugu films are composed to elevate heroism, but not out of necessity! #GarudaVega stunts are part of narrative! If #Ghazi was a concept film, here comes #GarudaVega that's larger than life and Tru Blu action film, yet told sensibly! Good tech values!

Nitin Chakravarthy‏ @Nitinreddy1111

Good 1st half with terrific pre interval sequences. @ActorRajasekhar Garu in top form..Outstanding prod & technical values #PSVGarudaVega Liked #PSVGarudaVega ..Technically Brilliant with @ActorRajasekhar being in TOP FORM..However, felt the content deserved better narration ! What hits you instantly is the production quality and top class making..Technically, The best film made in the recent years #PSVGarudaVega

Nikhil Viru‏ @Kirak_Admi

#PSVGarudaVega is again a different genre and complete action film attempt by #PraveenSattaru #PSVGarudaVega is one of the best action , thriller films made in recent times. @ActorRajasekhar must b complimented for this brave film.

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#PSVgarudavega opening sequence in darjeeling looks lavish and the dam sequence is awesome. you can see every penny on screen. #PSVgarudavega 1st half Kicks Ass...Racy , thrilling and that interval bang Goosebumps...Dr RajaShekar is back #GarudaVega @shraddhadas43 #PSVgarudavega movie is meant to be seen on big Screen...A genuine thriller #sriCharanPakala BGM is excellent #PSVgarudavega production values are top notch..fights and chases are realistic...Cinematography is worth mentioning- 1st half #PraveenSattaru sticks to the plots and scores big on Execution...DR RajaShekar chosen a perfect film for comeback #PSVgarudavega #PSVGarudaVega with an extraordinary 1st half and an OK 2nd half makes #GarudaVega a good watch #thyview rating 3 outta 4 Review follows #PSVGarudaVega Dr.Rajashekar shines, sunny sizzles, adith arun is good, pooja Kumar fits the role #GarudaVega #PSVGarudaVega Technically, the film is solid with awesome visuals, well executed action sequences & Sricharan's background score

SreenuGadiGola‏ @srinivas81256

#PSVgarudavega 1st half >Good first half >Racy screenplay >thrilling Visuals > interval bang . > Dr RajaShekar is back #GarudaVega + points > Action sequences > extraordinary visuals > Direction &screenplay > BGM of sricharan > Rajsekhar. > 1st half Minus (-) points > 2nd half lagging > sunny Leone song low feel > some scenes drawback.. #GarudaVega Final verdict: Comeback for Actor #Rajsekhar. Bounce back for #PraveenSattaru End of the show.. Tckt worth watchable movie...

Chakri‏ @chakrireview

#Psvgarudavega very tight screenplay.. good direction. throws light on larger than life scam.I wish the effort of the team is well received Good thing director has so much complex thought which he told in easier way and same time left a space to think over later #PSVGarudaVega #PSVGarudaVega action sequences r top notch, should set new benchmark 4 budget. Rajasekhar and his team charandeep,ravivarma, arun did great

Casteless Indian‏ @PMsayz

#PSVGarudaVega is too good. Lavish visuals and taking. Go for it. #PSVGarudaVega Dr.Rajasekhar done complete justice to the role and Parveen Sattar joins the lavish directors league with his taking.

Siva Anthati‏ @shivusrcm

I liked it.. my type of a movie #PSVGARUDAVEGA typical action movie.. @ActorRajasekhar delivered his best Kudos team #PSVgarudavega Manollu ela receive chesuntaro ee genre ni.. But a well made movie for TFI!

BoxOfficeUpdates‏ @WeekendMasthi

#PSVGarudaVega : It's is international spy thriller with gripping screenplay and A mission worth watch 3/5 @PoojaKumarNY @shraddhadas43

chandran kvs‏ @ChandranKvs

#GarudaVega Productions Values, Cinematography and background score are top class #PraveenSattaru is brilliant in execution@shraddhadas43

Likithm‏ @likith_reddy

Good first half .. Dragged second half .. #GarudaVega.. 3/5

RAviteJA the Great‏ @massmaharaaj

#GarudaVega hit movie. Rajasekhar is back. Praveen aced it. BGM, screenplay, story

Hema Sai Mallampati‏ @Hemasai_M

Dr. Rajasekhar movie #GarudaVega exciting screenplay. Praveen Sattaru your work is brilliant.

Vikram Jasti‏ @VickyJasti

Golden year for TFI.Brilliant execution and racy screenplay.Salute to entire team of #GarudaVega

Narendra Yalavarthi‏ @news4andhra

Non stop action entertainment , a realistically different film from regular telugu movies. Praveen Sattaru, you made us feel proud (TFI lovers) , hope others follow you in making some good movies. #Psvgarudavega @ActorRajasekhar #GarudaVega @shraddhadas43 @PoojaKumarNY

VINAY‏ @vinaytweetz_

#psvgarudavega Excellent movie... First half and last 20 minutes episode are . Theater full for rajashekar movie in USA is next level. Positives : First half, Investigation scenes, Grand visuals, Screen play, Chasing scenes,climax episode and Rajashekar act...

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Prasadam Raghu‏ @RaghuStarMaa

InterestingIntensive Thriller#PSVGarudaVega well-done by @ActorRajasekhar Good job #PraveenSattaru @PoojaKumarNY @shraddhadas43

HARI KIRAN‏ @harikiranroyal

#GarudaVega 1st Half - Good and Very Interesting. #Rajasekhar is back with a Bang. Terrific Background Score #PSVGarudaVega

B Abhishek‏ @maverix111

Aaatt ...edge of seat thriller first half ...quite ambitious but baagundhi so far #GarudaVega .. More ambitious than I expected infact the latter half..could have been crisp but a lot is packed into it ..definitely watchable #GarudaVega Certain dilutions should have been avoided to make it even more racier...but nevertheless a very good attempt n succeeds too I think ..

Movie Reviews‏ @movie_reviewzz

#PSVGarudaVega - ok 1st half and below avg 2nd half. Production values are too good. Movie could have been lot better - 2.5/5

Rj Shiv‏ @rjshiv_a3

#PSVGarudaVega is an engaging thriller @ActorRajasekhar one man show #PraveenSattaru presented classic action @GarudaVegaMovie watch it

Sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#PSVGarudaVega Excellent filmmaking and story telling. Take a bow Praveen Sattaru. Except the wife character, rest of the movie was good

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Slick first half.. #PSGarudaVega is very gripping with Top notch Technical values.Good comeback by @ActorRajasekhar. An excellent attempt by #PraveenSattaru.