Divya Agarwal, Priyank Sharma
Divya Agarwal and Priyank SharmaTwitter

Fed up with Divya Agarwal's consistent rant against him on MTV Ace Of Space, Splitsvilla 10 contestant Priyank Sharma has finally decided to put an end to the matter once and for all.

There is no secret how Divya broke-up with Priyank when she entered Salman Khan-hosted controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11. Divya and Priyank had started dating each other after they hit it off during their time in Spiltsvilla 10. But ever since Divya has entered into Ace of Space show with Varun Sood, she has been speaking about how Priyank cheated on her and disrespected her.

Varun too had been ranting against his ex-girlfriend Benafsha Soonawalla who had gotten close to Priyank on Bigg Boss 11.

While viewers have blasted Divya for using Priyank's name on Ace Of Space to stay in the limelight, the latter has now accused Divya of trying to get mileage by talking about her bitter relationship.

In a long Instagram post, Priyank, without taking her name, said that he has been wondering why Divya was still discussing the matter which had been put to rest in July 2017.

He said that Divya should be thankful to him for what he had done for her career when nothing was working out for her despite being a part of the industry for seven long years. He asked her not to accuse him falsely. He further said that he wants her to win the show and rise above him. He added that rather than using someone else's name as a ladder to success, she should show exhibit her skills and earn her way above otherwise even this fame will soon fade away.

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