Divya Agarwal, Priyank Sharma
Divya Agarwal and Priyank SharmaTwitter

Divya Agarwal, who will be seen on MTV's new show 'Date To Remember', has opened up about her love life.

In an exclusive interview with Indianexpress.com, Divya recalled something about Priyank Sharma, she said: "Whole world knows about our dates which were captured on camera. But once, somehow hiding from producers and makers of the show, we found a way out to meet. We met and cried as I was not a part of the show anymore. So, that is a date to remember. And no matter where I am and what relationships I am into, this will stay special to me."

Talking about her stint in Bigg Boss 11 where she broke up with Priyank Sharma on TV, she said: "It was hard for me. The reason why I went in the house was solely to give him a reality check on what was happening in the world outside and to help him play accordingly. There were also rumours that I am against Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi but I just told him Vikas Gupta is a true friend as I know them and their friendship since a very long time and I could see how Vikas' family was getting affected with Priyank. The break up was necessary inside the house as the controversy began inside it and we started off in a reality show."

"There are people who still believe we are together. It does not make a difference to the fans. It is hard for me to handle people who love us together. There were questions raised on my trust issues and his loyalty issues but you see, I can never prove them wrong because they are not. I myself am a big fan of Divyank and was hoping to work together on many other platforms but anyway..."

A dating-based reality show with 18 girls and 9 boys as its contestants on the journey to find love, will be judged by Divya Agarwal, along with ex-Bigg Boss fame Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi and Punjabi singer Indeep Bakshi.

"The major reason why I am in the show is the fact that I have been a participant in a relationship-based show. I understand the loopholes and consequences of being in a situation. I will be able to guide contestants through their emotional journey on the show. It is a right opportunity," Divya told indianexpress.com.

Indianexpress.com asked her if she would date Priyank Sharma again, she said: "No, no that is absolutely a big no. Professionally, yes but nothing personal."