Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma
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In a recent promo put out by Colors, Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma are seen crying and sharing an emotional moment. 

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times India, Divya shared the details of what had happened when she entered the house. Read the excerpts from the talk below:

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We saw the promo, what exactly led to that emotional moment?

Initially, I thought I will shout at him and vent out my anger but the moment I saw him, I couldn't stop myself. Whatever I had thought just disappeared. Because he was in a freeze position, his eyes spoke a lot. And just looking at that I became numb. I was heavily breathing, it was a 10-minute chat. I don't know how much will be shown. It was a one-sided conversation as he wasn't allowed to talk.

The other contestants were asked to meet their family members for a minute, did it happen with you as well?

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No. The moment I left, he started screaming my name 'D' – I could hear it till outside. I sat in my vanity van for 45 minutes just crying. All I thought about was our times together. I completely forgot all the wrongs he did. I advised him about the show, I spoke about us. I hope he changes and becomes real.

Did you meet any other contestants?

I had so many things to say to everyone in the house. I had good enough time inside but the moment I saw Priyank, I couldn't stop myself and wanted to spend my time with him. But I did say 'Thankyou' to Vikas because he is secretly supporting him and is a true friend.

In those weak moments, have you thought about getting back together?

 I wish (after a long pause) 

People r judging D for coming to bigboss house and breaking up with Priyank. It's easy for people to say get back with him but they should realize that being in love and when your loyalty and trust is broken by someone u love so much leaves no choice other then breaking up and moving on in life.Bigboss is a house that tests a person on different levels in different situations and the bigboss house was the best place for @priyanksharmaaa to prove his loyalty and to maintain that Relationship inside the bb house but he was busy figuring out about his new feelings with Ben. What type of love is that which got so weak in 3 months in divya's absence? Priyank always cries the same for every other girl and does the same cute regular things for every girl no matter friends or girlfriend, then whats d difference between them? How can a guy be so comfortable with the other girl in the name of friendship while her real gf outside the bigboss house is waiting outside and totally heartbroken. Ben even said that her relationship with Priyank was a bro vibes one lol, she didn't even excepted that love between two after coming out of the bigboss house and inside the house Priyank is busy tieing ben's hairband on his wrist and now he will be crying badly in the upcoming episode for divya his gf who is her ex now. When Ben was inside d house Priyank never accepted his feelings for Ben just because of the cameras and his image. Just LOL what a player he is. He has a list of girlfriends names and one he made inside d bb house whom he never accepted because of the cameras and nw he is crying fir divya same he cried for Ben. People won't ever realized that being in true love and getting betrayed by someone u love so much is like a surving a second death and it's true love is rare nowadays, people r just having gala time around and having fun. People nowadays don't have a fucking good heart to be honest other than cheating and playing around, may God bless such people with good in future. Stay strong girl, lots of love for you @divyaagarwal_official ? you deserve better who respects your heart and worth your time, lots of love for you dear, stay blessed ? #divyaagarwal

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What do you think could be the consequences of your meeting?

Well, there could be two things – he can take it positively and correct himself or take it in a negative way. He's a very nice man and there is still time left and he can play amazingly and win this show. I told him clearly that I wasn't there to demotivate him, I was only there to remind him who he is. It's up to Priyank now how positively or negatively he wants to take my words. My intention was purely to give the same warmth of what a family member could give. I am sure he wanted his mother more than me in the house but I hope I gave him the right advice – that Vikas is his true friend and he should play his own game.