Splitsvilla X, Splitsvilla X contestants Priyank Sharma, Divya Agarwal
Splitsvilla X contestants Priyank Sharma, Divya AgarwalDivya Agarwal/Instagram
A while back Divya Agarwal was in the news for breaking up with her Splitsvilla connection Priyank Sharma, and now she has got the opportunity to go inside the house for family meet and greet episode.
Divya spoke to International Business Times, India before entering the house.
Here's what she said: 
Why did you go inside the house when you had broken up?
I broke up with him in his absence and people said that I should have had patience. They put allegations on me that I took the advantage of him being inside the house because he couldn't respond. So for me it was very important to tell him that I am not a part of his life anymore and he should play his game accordingly.
And I wanted people to stop judging him and me with each other's name. Now that he knows that I have parted ways, he is free to do anything. Now people won't judge his actions - this saved both our image. I can't deny what all happened inside the house. I was hurt and one last meeting was important.
This was the best platform to end the bond that started on TV and unfortunately had to end here only. This was destiny. I didn't want to enter into that ugly fight.
How did the invitation come to go inside the house?
So, the story is that when Priyank was offered Bigg Boss, he had given a list of people that he would like to see inside the house. It has been two months now and that time he recommended my name. But the situation has completely changed now and I have no idea whether he wants to see me or not. But when I got this opportunity to go inside, I didn't let it go because we both started on a national TV and I wanted to end it there itself.
And there's a saying that 'Jaate Jaate Salaami dete jaa'. And for all the good times' sake, I wanted to do just speak and advice him one last time.
So, what is your strategy? What are you planning to do once you are inside?
People have loved Priyank the way he was in Splitsvilla and Roadies. I just want to remind him of the time when he was real. I don't know how much time he has inside the house but I only want to tell him that he should try and play his own game and not enter any group. I want him to come out as a nice person because he deserves it.
Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma
Divya Agarwal and Priyank SharmaTwitter
How will you react when you see him?
I have no idea. I have mixed emotions running inside me - I am emotional and angry. I want to say so many things but it will have to be short and sweet; and yet powerful for him to understand. I am not 'excited' - I would have been damn excited if our relation was hunky dory but right now I am keeping myself calm.
Did you feel bad that he didn't wish you on your birthday?
I felt bad that he was wishing Akash Dadlani's sister (even her name is Divya) and not me. He didn't remember that I was with him on his birthday. Even Benafsha was there.
Talking about Benafsha, have you cleared out with her what happened inside?
Well, she tried to have a conversation. I spoke to her. Her two main points are -- half the things were edited on TV and it was a big fat joke. But all I have to say is -- there are no sound engineers sitting there to change your conversation. I don't believe her. I agree reality shows do get edited but they can never change the tonality or expressions. Nobody is so dumb that they will give a chance to the makers of the show to edit like that.
For them, reality show might be a business but for me it's for somebody's feelings. It's definitely not a joke.
Divya Agarwal, Priyank Sharma, Benafsha Soonawalla
Divya Agarwal, Priyank Sharma and Benafsha SoonawallaInstagram
So how did your family and friends react when you told them that you are going inside the Bigg Boss house?
Some feel that we both should be back; some say that I should teach him a lesson; a few felt that it's good I got this opportunity to clear out things with him. Everyone needs that one last chance to meet the person, even if everything has gone for a toss. That feeling can't be explained -- one last meet is important.
Is there a possibility of you both getting back together?
From my side NO, because he knows what kind of an emotional person I am. I was actually fighting for him outside until I realised that he doesn't need me anymore. And that's where I lost the hope. It's his actions that led to all this.