Late Princess Diana's style always inspired people, including the gay community, and she still remains one of the most celebrated fashion icons even 20years after her death.

And now her style has inspired an Instagram account "Princess Diana Looking Gay!" The account was created in June 2018 by Pellerano Gomez, a 28-year-old Cambridge, Massachusetts-based magazine editor and it features photos of the People's princess holding tennis racket, wearing a bomber jacket. Another one shows her wearing hats.

Talking about creating the account, Gomez told Vanity Fair that she opened it as a joke and soon people started following. In a couple of days of opening the account, it received more than 200 followers and in less than 15 days, it received more than 1,642 followers.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
The Princess of Wales laughs at something said by a Canadian World War 2 veteran following the unveiling of a Canadian War memorial in London June 3, 1994.Reuters

"I personally often assume that the histories are being written, or that things are being documented in real time, to reflect queer realities. Unless we're doing it ourselves, no one else will do it for us. I made this account as a joke and thought it would be something that I would share with a couple of friends or that I would do in secret. Then, in a couple of days, I had 200 followers and you contacting me," Gomez told the magazine.

She also spoke about how she selects photos and if she is receiving help from other people for Princess Diana Looking Gay account. "No, I've only gotten two submissions. I want people to get creative with it and have fun. The whole point of it is it's just light. It's for comedic relief in a sad, dark time," she said.

The account started during the Pride Month, but Gomez clarifies that is not something on purpose. According to her, this was just a mere coincidence. "It wasn't strategic that it was then, but it was a happy coincidence that I was not mad about." 

plays M.A.S.H once

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when she first calls u babe

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Yeah totally I already had this outfit and this racket and these shoes

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Youth is a turtleneck *under* a wool sweater

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