pregnant man
Nick Roberts' "maternity" photoshoot of his supposed "baby" bump.Stephen Cwiok.

Getting pregnant these days comes with a lot of social media responsibility and while most people get really busy cracking their finest creativity codes, this new dad-to-be just won maternity photoshoots by staging a shoot of his own "pregnant" self.

Speaking of the dad being pregnant – almost everybody seemed a little disappointed with the "false alarm" but couldn't help appreciate the wit and humour behind his baby – which turned out to be just a lot of Mcdonald's fast food.

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Boston native Nick Roberts decided to go full out on making a big deal about his not so little binge at Mc Donald's. The 26-year-old man decided to add his two cents to his wife's pregnancy, all with a little would-be-father cheer by staging a pregnancy shoot of his own self, flaunting his "food baby" bump.

We've all been there and contributed to the hilarious food baby memes multiple times but the fact that Nick and his wife were actually expecting is what made the timing and the shoot even more amusing. The plumber took to Facebook to post the photos showing 'the wonder of a father during pregnancy'.

Nick captioned the post saying, "Hey guys. So my girlfriend and I found out we were going to have a baby." Automatically, one expects cutesy photos of a woman with a baby bump and the man's ear pressed to her bump, but Nick had in store a whole new dimension of maternity shots for his viewers.

"So one day my buddy Stephen came to me with the joking idea of doing a maternity shoot... featuring me. We rolled it around for a while, then decided it was best to go with it," he added. "I felt it was only right to at least try to look a little pregnant, so we grabbed some McDonald's and off we were."

Nick also went on to describe his pregnancy experience, saying: "If I'm being completely honest, the setting, the occasion, the awful cramps from the double cheeseburgers, it all brought me so much closer to the pregnancy."

"Now, I'll never know what being in labour feels like, but I feel in my heart it can't be too far away from eating a lot of fast food. I'm truly blessed to have had this eye-opening experience."

And of course, he sealed the deal with the hashtags, "#theresbeautyinallofus #livelaughlove #fitfam". Talk about creativity!

As revealed later, Nick's "baby bump" was made of "Two McDoubles, a McChicken, a four-piece chicken nugget, two chocolate chip cookies, and a medium Dr Pepper" all from McDonald's.

As for the classic photo album of the iconic shoot, Nick told Unilad that it was shared with friends and family at the REAL baby's gender reveal party.