Satyajeet Dubey

Sanjay Dutt's Prassthanam has received a thumbs up from the audience and the critics alike. Not only was the film hailed for the superlative performance of the stars but the various layers in each of the characters in the film have also been widely talked about. IBT got in touch with Prassthanam actor Satyajeet Dubey to talk about his experience of working with stalwarts like Manisha Koirala and Sanjay Dutt, his next film deal with the Dutts and journey in the industry.

Your spoilt but power-packed role in Prassthanam has been widely appreciated. How did you bag the role? Take us through the experience.
Maanayata Dutt was flying to Dubai and she happened to see my independent film 'Kerry on Kutton' in the flight. She showed it to Sanju sir and they really liked my work in it. They took the call, right there of casting me in the role of Vivaan Baldev Singh in Prassthanam. I'm immensely grateful to both of them for this opportunity. No audition or screentest happened. I got the narration and I signed the film right away. This shows the kind of confidence they showed in me as an actor.

How similar or dissimilar are you to Vivan in real-life?
I'm so damn far away from Vivaan, thank god! He has this facade of bravado but he's quite empty and broken from inside. Someone who has major identity crisis. He lacks empathy and compassion but he needs it the most. On the other hand, I'm a person who is quite simple and spiritual. I prefer investing all my energy in doing productive things in life.

Though you did two more films before this, has Prassthanam changed things for you in the industry?
Of course, it has. It's a big deal to be cast alongside such stalwarts. And having such a pivotal part in this hard-hitting narrative. My character causes all the mayhem and madness in this story because of that everything turns upside down. I'm the antihero/antagonist here and I'm getting some overwhelming reactions and feedback from our industry and friends.

Were you nervous before sharing screen space with Manisha Koirala and Sanjay Dutt?
It was a mixed bag of excitement, nervousness, happiness. Pretty much everything. Sanju sir is one of the warmest people I've come across. He's all love! He had seen my film 'Kerry on Kutton' to my surprise and appreciated my work with a big bear hug. Manisha ma'am was always very gracious. It was such a warm and beautiful feeling to have Sanju sir and Manisha ma'am as my onscreen parents.

How was the experience of working in the film?
Playing Vivaan Baldev Singh has been the toughest and most traumatic experience for me. The role drained me emotionally. Even after the shooting was completed, it took me a good while to come out of this guy's skin. Sanju sir intervened when he saw me getting affected by it.

There have been reports if you having signed a three-film deal with the Dutts. Tell us a little about those projects.
Yes, I have. All I can is I'm immensely grateful to Sanju sir and Maanayata ma'am. They've been extremely encouraging and supportive. My next with them is a horror-comedy and we start rolling in January. Sanju Sir has treated me as one of his own. He and Maanyata ma'am have been incredibly kind and generous. They always showed great love and warmth towards me. I have gone from being someone who was new to him when we began this journey and now I'm glad to be very close to Sanju sir. That in itself is a great moment for a fan child like me. I am looking forward to another opportunity of working with them in the near future. We are yet to lock the project but it's in the planning stage. It's been surreal for me.