Prakash Raj
Actor Prakash Raj has been trolled on social media for attacking BJP. Photo from Prakash Raj's Twitter Account

Prakash Raj has been mercilessly trolled ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party emerged as the single-largest party in Karnataka elections on Tuesday, May 15. However, the actor continues his attack on BJP.

The actor has stated that the BJP has failed to come to power despite using money and muscle powers. "Karnataka elections Watching ..watching .. the game BJP. Inspite of obscene money power.. muscle power.. big lies.. is short of half way mark.. fails to take power on their own .Two parties have come together.. claiming majority .. BuT wait dear citizens. The drama unfolds NOW. [sic]" he tweeted.

He alleges the BJP would indulge in "horse trading" as he posted, "1. BJP approaches Governor claiming largest party ..2. He gives time to prove ( read as ..time to poach n buy) ...3. Chanakya arrives to poach ...4. Paid media on the toes to celebrate his talent ...5. Finally we the citizens reduced to watch the match of horse trading. [sic]"

"Unless you don't wake up .. and start #justasking together each n every politician and every political party. ....YOUR MANDATE will be taken for granted .. will be manipulated and finally we the citizens of our country will be reduced to be mere spectators. Continue #justasking [sic]," he added.

The Karnataka elections have produced fractured mandate this time, with the BJP winning 105 seats, while Congress and JD(S) have got 78 and 38 seats, respectively. To keep the saffron party out of the power, Congress has given an unconditional support to the JD(S) to form the next government.

Congress and JD(S) have met the governor to submit a letter seeking permission to form the next government. HD Kumaraswamy is likely to become the next chief minister of Karnataka.

On the other hand, Prakash Raj has been criticised and mocked on Twitter.