Prabhas and Krishnam Raju
Prabhas and Krishnam RajuFacebook

The buzz is that the BJP is planning to field Prabhas in the upcoming MLA elections in Andhra Pradesh. The party is also said to be thinking of appointing Krishnam Raju as the Governor of the state.

The Narendra Modi-led government will be completing its first term in May 2019. There are talks that GST, demonetisation, lack of employment and farmers' issues might not allow the party to come back to power for the second time. Hence, the party is leaving no stone unturned to remain in power. It is busy setting up everything right in its favour and also bringing influential people to contest elections.

It is known that ESL Narasimhan assumed the office of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh in December 2009 and Governor of Telangana on June 2, 2014. His term is reportedly ending very soon and a lot is being spoken and written about the new Governor who will enter office before the 2019 elections.

The BJP-led government is reportedly thinking of appointing a Telugu man for this constitutional post. Several names are being considered for the post of Governor and one among them is veteran Telugu actor Krishnam Raju, who won the 1998 Lok Sabha elections from the BJP ticket in Kakinada.

It is rumoured that top leaders of BJP recently conducted a meeting in Delhi and they discussed appointing Krishnam Raju for this high post. It is said that there are no major Telugu contenders for the Governor. Hence, the Tollywood rebel star is billed to get it uncontested.

On the other hand, it is also rumoured that Prabhas is likely to plunge into politics through upcoming assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. The BJP high command is said to be offering him an MLA ticket although it is not clear from which constituency the party will field the Baahubali actor in the impending elections.

However, Amit Shah's team is likely to invite Krishnam Raju and Prabhas to Delhi for further discussion on the above aspects. It is said that Krishnam Raju might accept the BJP's offer, as it is an honour for him. But Prabhas, who is at the peaks of his acting career, may reject the party's offer.