BSP MP Blames Wife for Murder of House Maid

Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) MP Dhananjay Singh has hinted that his wife, whom he was planning to divorce, might be responsible for the mysterious death of domestic help at their residence. Nov 5, 2013

Muslim Veils are 'kind of a bag', Says UK Minister

A former interior minister in the cabinet of UK Prime Minister David Cameron stirred up another controversy regarding Islamic scarfs on Sunday, when he advised the government to ban Muslim women from wearing a veil in British courts while giving a statement. Nov 4, 2013

Congress MP Denies Molesting Actress Shweta Menon

After media footage showed Congress MP N Peethambara Kurup trying to grab famous Malyalam actress Shweta Menon at the venue of the President's Trophy boat race on Friday, the minister denied having committed any such act. Nov 3, 2013