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Modi hits mobile gaming world, entertains people across India

Raipur, Oct 02 (ANI): Within a month of anointment as prime ministerial candidate of the BJP, Narendra Modi has hit android gaming world as well. Modi themed free mobile games, offering entertainment and spreading awareness about politics, have become the latest rage among people across India. Co-convenor of Information Technology (IT) Cell of BJP, Prakash Bajaj said that the political party was not endorsing these games, but these are the supporters of Modi who have been promoting it. He added that the games are being downloaded by thousands of people on daily basis and resultantly, more games are clouding the market. Oct 2, 2013
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Army denies Pak occupation of any village along LoC

Srinagar, Oct 02 (ANI): The army on Wednesday said Indian troops were being heavily engaged by continuous firing from Pakistan along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, however it denied that Pakistani troops had occupied any territory in India, as reported in sections of the media. Oct 2, 2013
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Would have resigned had I been in PM's place: Parkash Singh Badal

Jalandhar, Oct 02 (ANI): Punjab Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal on Wednesday said that had he been in Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh's place, he would have quit the post after Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi sprung up a controversy by calling an ordinace on convicted lawmakers a complete nonsense. Oct 2, 2013
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BJP on reports of Pak army occupying Indian village along LoC

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Reacting to reports that Pakistani troops have occupied a ghost village alone the Line of Control, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said that a statement has to be made by the defense minster, Prime Minister or the president of the country so that the people of the country will come to know about the truth. Oct 2, 2013
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Truth will come out and his freedom too, says Anand Jon's Sister Sanjana

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Designer-social activist Sanjana Jon, who is also the sister of jailed US-based Indian fashion designer Anand Jon, is on a 10-day tour in India with reigning Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo to raise awareness about various social issues including female infanticide and women empowerment. Speaking about her brother Anand Jon, in an exclusive interview with ANI, Sanjana exuded confidence in the judiciary and said that she believes her brother will soon walk out of the jail. Even as India-born celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander, locked up in California for raping and sexually assaulting models, pleaded guilty to one count of forced oral sex in a similar case in New York, Sanjana Jon's fight to prove her brother innocent persists. Oct 2, 2013
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Single men choose iPhone over girlfriend

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Some single men have admitted that they would ditch their current love interests if they got an iPhone 5 in exchange, an online survey has revealed. About 3 % of the 550 respondents in the survey said that they would lose their girlfriend in favor of the phone and 5% said they'd ditch them for a smart-phone made by a company other than Apple. Oct 2, 2013
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Rethinking on Ordinance owes to people, BJPs pressure: Ravi Shankar

Allahabad, Oct 02 (ANI): Senior BJP Leader, Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday said that the rethinking on the ordinance on convicted lawmakers stemmed from the pressure exerted by the main opposition, BJP and the people of the country. Congress core committee has reportedly decided to withdraw the controversial ordinance to save the convicted legislators, MPs and ministers Wednesday noon after ending the core-committee meet. However, the final announcement is yet to come and there is a chance that it will come after ending the union cabinet meet, set to be held at 6:00 p.m. today. Oct 2, 2013
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Cabinet and PM were ill-advised to bring the ordinance: BJD

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Even as the Congress party is mulling over withdrawing the ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers, after party Vice President Rahul Gandhi dismissed it as 'nonsense', the Loksabha MP from Orissa Pinaki Misra said that cabinet and the PM were ill-advised to bring this ordinance and it ought to have never come about. Oct 2, 2013
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Decision on ordinance will be taken by cabinet and Rahul Gandhi's view can't be ignored: Congress

New Delhi, Oct 02 (ANI): Even as the Congress party is mulling over withdrawing the ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers, after party Vice President Rahul Gandhi dismissed it as 'nonsense', the Samajwadi Party stated that the ordinance should be retained. Senior Congress leader Rashid alvi said that decision on ordinance on convicted MP's will be decided by cabinet and Rahul gandhi's view can't be ignored. Oct 2, 2013