iraqis-in-resort-town-face-return-to-anbar-unrest Play

Iraqis in resort town face return to Anbar unrest

When fighting erupted in Iraq's Anbar province in December, many families fled to a virtually empty summer resort far to the north to take advantage of its off-season rates and wait out the conflict. Duration: 01:50 Apr 15, 2014
In Washington, a push to sterilize stray cats Play

In Washington, a push to sterilize stray cats

To curb the growing numbers of feral cats in the US capital, the Washington Humane Society is encouraging residents to set traps and bring the animals to a sterilization clinic, after which they are released.. Duration: 02:29 Apr 15, 2014
chimpanzee-rescued-in-lebanon-after-eight-year-struggle Play

Chimpanzee rescued in Lebanon after eight-year struggle

A Lebanese court ordered the confiscation of chimpanzee Charlie from a zoo and his delivery to the NGO "Animals Lebanon". Charlie is 9 years old, and was smuggled from Africa to Lebanon in 2005 and sold to a pet shop, ending at a zoo. Duration: 00:53 Apr 15, 2014
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Prosecutor continues Pistorius cross-examination

The cross-examination of sprinter Oscar Pistorius entered its second week Monday. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel accused the sprinter of concocting evidence in his defence against the charge of murdering Reeva Steenkamp last year. Duration: 01:05 Apr 15, 2014
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PC Parakhs book published at right time: Kiran Bedi

New Delhi, April 14 (ANI): Former IPS officer and social activist Kiran Bedi has commented on the Coalgate scam and timing of PC Parakh’s book release. Bedi stated that the timing of Parakh’s book release was perfect because he felt that he is being under investigation while the PM is not. She also said that the CBI should have been under Lokpal and free to investigate even the prime minister. Further, Bedi called Congress as a non-performing government highlighting Coalgate scam and blamed the PM for not paying attention to the country. Apr 14, 2014
publishing-such-books-back-to-back-a-political-conspiracy-sanjay-jha Play

Publishing such books back-to back a political conspiracy: Sanjay Jha

Mumbai, April 14 (ANI): After Former Coal Secretary PC Parakh released his book 'Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and Other Truths' on Monday, Congress Spokesperson Sanjay Jha said that publishing such books like this and Sanjay Baru’s ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is nothing but a political conspiracy. He said that the nation knows who is behind such acts. Jha further said that there are many books which are refrained from getting released because they critical of Narendra Modi. Apr 14, 2014