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It's been close to four weeks since the addictive augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" made its debut and its popularity among gamers continues to soar across world.

This unprecedented success has apparently turned into a bane for "Pokemon Go" makers Niantic Labs and Nintendo, as they are facing huge pressure to maintain the servers to provide smooth AR-game playing experience.

Due to server outages in the official regions, the company has been forced to delay the launch of "Pokemon Go" in newer regions. It's been almost a week since the game got released in a new area (Hong Kong on July 25) and so far, it has been made available in only than 37 regions.

Last week, Niantic Labs posted a job offer advertisement on its official website.

"Create the server infrastructure to support our hosted AR/Geo platform underpinning projects such as Pokemon GO using Java and Google Cloud. You will work on real-time indexing, querying and aggregation problems at massive scales of hundreds of millions of events per day, all on a single, coherent world-wide instance shared by millions of users," reads the job description.

Just few hours ago, the company released a new update (both Android and iOS versions) to "Pokemon Go" in official regions. But, it has come to light that the update has a nasty bug in it, which wipes the Trainer's account details.

Many "Pokemon Go" players (via Reddit) have claimed that their accounts got wiped out after updating the AR-game. Those gamers, who have installed the game legally are advised to wait until further notice.

So, when will "Pokemon Go" come to new regions?

With the detection of bugs inside the new update, the AR-game company will probably give primary importance to fixing it and also try to scale up the server capacity. So, it may take few more weeks, if not more, for players in Asian and South American regions including India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil and other regions, to get the official "Pokemon Go" game.

It has also come to light that the launch of "Pokemon Go" in Taiwan might also be delayed as Niantic Labs has apparently been sued for AR-game technology patent violation.

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Many impatient players in Asia and South American regions have already installed the "Pokemon Go" on their smartphones via APK file.

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To provide real-time geo-block status in Asia and South America, many AR-game fans have formed a Reddit thread –"Pokemon Go release status: Asia and South America". Check out the details below.

"Pokemon Go" release and geo-block status (courtesy, Reddit):

Regions Geo-block status Official Release status
Bangladesh Blocked No
Brunei Blocked No
Cambodia Blocked No
China Unblocked in Liaoning, Xinjiang and North China No
Hong Kong Server stable Yes (available on Apple iOS iTunes Store and Google Play store)
India Unblocked in all areas in north, west and central India No
Indonesia Unblocked in all areas in south of Sumatra, all areas from Java to Lombok Island, all areas in south of Kalimantan, all areas in West Papua and Papua, Ambon Island, Kupang Yes No
Isreal Blocked No
Japan Server stable Yes (available on Apple iOS iTunes Store and Google Play store)
Laos Blocked No
Malaysia Blocked No
Maldives Blocked No
Mongolia Blocked No
Myanmar Blocked No
Nepal Unblocked in Butwal and Nepalgunj No
Pakistan Unblocked in Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Multan and Islamabad No
Philippines Blocked No
Singapore Blocked No
South Korea Unblocked in Sokcho, Ulleungdo Island No
Sri Lanka Blocked No
Taiwan Blocked No
Thailand Blocked No
Vietnam Blocked No
South America
Argentina Unblocked in Rio Negro to Tierra del Fuego No
Brazil Blocked No
Chile Blocked No
Columbia Blocked No
Ecuador Blocked No
Peru Blocked No
Uruguay Blocked No
Venezuela Unblocked in most regions No
North America
Mexico Un-blocked in all regions No