People play the augmented reality mobile game
People play the augmented reality mobile game Reuters

"Pokemon Go", a location-based augmented reality game, has become a global phenomenon, but developer Niantic hasn't released it in several markets such as India, China and South Korea. The addiction of the game increases a player's desperation to catch all the Pokemon and train them for battles against other players. Some of them are also taking the game to extreme levels and are even willing to bypass the law for the sake of catching a Pokemon. This has led to some serious repercussions.

Despite that, people in countries like India are eagerly waiting for the game's official launch. While they wait, here are some highlights of the events related to Pokemon Go around the world.

Pokemon Go banned!

There are several offences that have forced the lawmakers to impose stern laws for Pokemon Go players in different countries. Philippines is the latest one to impose a ban on playing Pokemon Go in public offices. Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand have also taken similar measures.

Earlier in the month, Iran had banned Pokemon Go citing unspecified security reasons. In Indonesia, police officers are not permitted to play the game while on duty. The AR game hasn't been released in several countries in the Middle East and Asia for it to be banned or face any limitations.

Road Rampage

Pokemon Go craze seems to have gone too far. People are playing the game while driving, which seems to them as an easier way to wander about catching all the virtual monsters. But this trend has led to distracted driving, raising road safety concerns around the world.

One Pokemon Go player was driving while playing the game just before he struck two women as they were crossing a road in Japan. One of the women died from the accident while the other woman suffered serious injuries.

Pokemon Go has also been cited in several trespassing incidents, robberies and injuries from accidents in the U.S. since its release. In Japan, there have been nearly 80 road accidents associated with the game.

Fading popularity

Pokemon Go brought virtual reality and augmented reality gaming to the forefront. But the game's sluggish deployment around the world is also resulting in some players losing interest in the game. According to a recent report, Pokemon Go players in the U.S. are losing interest in the game. In India, users are growing weary of the extended delay in launching the game, which should concern Niantic as India is the world's second largest smartphone market.