Men play the augmented reality mobile game
Men play the augmented reality mobile game Reuters

Is Pokemon Go craze in India over? Niantic's silence on the matter is making fans lose their interest over the game since it is already been released in several other countries, while India, China and South Korea wait for the official launch.

In India, fans are growing impatient for the official launch of the game, but the popular AR-based game's developer hasn't shared any updates regarding its plans for India. On August 5, Niantic announced the game's launch in 15 new countries and regions across Asia and Oceania, but remained mum on the game's next phase of the rollout.

There have been rumours that the game would arrive mid-August in India while players in China would have to wait a bit longer. But nothing is official so far. Players in India were able to briefly play Pokemon Go by downloading APK file, but Niantic added India and other countries on its geo-block list and disabled the unofficial access to the game.

Since then, players have been trying to voice out their anger on Niantic through social media channels and have also been requesting to launch the game soon. Since there hasn't been any response from the developer, fans are now expressing their loss of interest in the game.

We picked up a few tweets that were shared by Pokemon Go fans in India.