June 16, 2017 16:16 IST

Jagga Jasoos' new poster chronicles his many adventures

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The poster is a compilation of graphic representation of the journey of Jagga Jasoos as he embarks on journey to find his missing father. Jagga's poster effectively showcases instances once were Jagga and Shruti are see on top of an airplane another over a wooden raft, another featuring the duo running over a train, one in a safari setup with Ranbir and Katrina aka Jagga and Shruti sitting over an ostrich while another gives a glimpse of a joyride with the duo sitting inside a car. Jagga Jasoos' poster effectively encompasses the ups and downs and many adventurous moments that Jagga and Shruti indulge in. The poster also prominently features the characters of Jagga and Shruti against the backdrop of a clock tower which further adds and edge the story of Jagga Jasoos. Katrina also took to social media talking about the Journey saying, A hair-raising thrilling tale of adventure ... #JaggaJasoos".