snake in walmart 1

One of the main challenges supermarket employees have to face are angry customers. However, this particular employee, a cart attendant of a Walmart in Texas, was in for a challenge when he was arranging shopping carts and found a snake.

The poor man's frightened scream caught the attention of a policeman in the vicinity. While the snake was identified as a non-venomous black rat snake, it naturally made everyone frightened. A 'snake charmer', John Heckaman, had to be called to catch the snake and take it away.

snake in walmart 2

An image of Heckaman capturing the snake was posted on Facebook by the Northeast Police Department. The post said he was bitten "only once" in the process of relocating the snake.

The police explained that one of the reasons why the snake took shelter in the shopping cart was because of the "recent heavy rains are forcing a lot of snakes out of their natural habitats, and this goes to show, that they can turn up just about anywhere."

snake in walmart 3

The Facebook post received over 1,500 shares on the social media website with many commenting on how the snake should have been killed.

snake in walmart 4

However, the snake charmer himself, Jon Heckaman, appeared on the comments section and said that this species of snake is actually good to have around and there is no reason to kill them, especially since they are non-venomous.

One user commented on the images. She wrote, "Walmart at Crossroads? oh man - now ima carry all my groceries in my hands lol - daheck with a shopping cart lol."