Human figure near moon
Facebook: Setiawan

A Facebook user named Setiawan who resides in Indonesia has released a mysterious video that shows a giant human-like figure hovering next to the moon. Interestingly, this humanoid figure looks like standing, and it has a well-defined head, shoulders, back, and legs. The video of the incident soon went viral, and it has already emerged as a hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists.

After analysing the creepy video, popular alien hunter Scott C Waring claimed that this sighting could be the indication of alien visits on the earth. As per Waring, aliens have a technology that might be a billion years ahead than ours, and this advancement is helping them to travel across planets without using flying saucers.

"I don't believe that all aliens who visit earth need a spaceship to get here. Some may transport here with a mere thought, because of advances in tech of billions of years. Others may travel in energy form and not need protection from the elements of space. I have seen the energy beings close up, about 400 meters up at midnight over Taipei a few years back, and it was obvious when they came back a few seconds later and circled over me...that they saw me too," wrote Scott C Waring on his website ET Data Base.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that this human-shaped figure could be the proof of ghosts and spiritual entities. These people also believe that these spiritual beings have the capability of shape-shifting, and can travel miles in a fraction of a second.

The video of the incident later gained popularity after it was shared by popular conspiracy theory channel UFO Mania. After thanking Setiawan for capturing the incident, the channel also claimed that something mysterious is happening in the skies without the knowledge of the general public.

Viewers of UFO Mania also put forward various theories explaining this bizarre sky sighting.

"The moon itself is a spacecraft. It has a titanium hull. The hidden side has loads of alien habitats. It drove here to replace the lame moon we had," commented Tim Temple, a YouTube user.

"Blue beam coming. Deep state in a frantic panic. Look over there! ALIENS," commented Dawn has Broken, another YouTuber.

In the meantime, sceptics have dismissed both the alien and ghost angle, and they claimed that this object could be a weirdly shaped balloon or cloud.