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A picture of a squirrel just moments away from eating a snake has gone viral since squirrels are normally seen as peaceful herbivores that feast on fruits, nuts and grains.

However, our eyes have been opened to the fact that the tiny rodents also consume insects, lizards and snakes.

The photo was first taken in 2009 at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park and was shared recently by the National Park Service in the US.

Squirrel eats snake
Facebook/ National Park Service

The image was uploaded on Facebook with the caption, "Don't Mess with Texas Squirrels! Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits and nuts, but don't let their humble appearance fool you. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards and snakes. This photo from Guadalupe Mountains National Park shows a squirrel and snake in battle. Who won? The squirrel, which devoured most of the snake, bones and all, down to the last two inches."

squirrel snake

"They're opportunists...Generally, they'll eat nuts and berries and other things that are easily available, but they're also known to eat insects, lizards, snakes," William Leggett, the photographer told The Huffington Post.

Leggett explained how he came about to take the photograph. He said that he was a ranger at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas when he heard a "commotion". When he went to check what was going on, he saw the snake and the squirrel (suspected to be a nursing mother) fighting.

The squirrel then won the fight and proceeded to eat the snake, including the skin and bones.

The post got more than 3000 shares with many rooting for the squirrel. Facebook users also expressed shock as they couldn't believe that the world's beloved rodent could defeat a fearsome creature.