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Caged tiger [Representative Image]Creative Commons

Just days after the tiger attack in HD Kote in Nagarhole National Park, another attack was reported on Friday at a village in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka.

The incident took place in Hangala village when the forest officers were trying to drive a tigress back into the forest when Ramu, one of the forest department staff, was attacked near a field in the village.

Ramu sustained severe injuries and was admitted to a hospital.

The villagers had alerted the forest department authorities after they spotted the tigress near a temple at Kalligowdanahalli on Friday morning.

The officers rushed to the area and took preventive measures to chase the tigress back into the reserve when it pounced from a bush and attacked Ramu.

This is the second tiger attack this year. In the last attack in HD Kote, a tribal man was killed by the beast. The villagers there had alleged that the officials were not taking any measures even after the constant tiger attacks.