In the year 2018, two teenage boys became extremely popular on Netflix. Peter Kavinsky, played by actor Noah Centineo and Noah Flynn played by Jacob Elordi. Peter became quite popular after To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Noah Flynn was every young girl's heartthrob after the popularity of The Kissing Booth. With yearly saga-based releases of The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys, both the characters have become quite well known in the Netflix domain. 

To All The Boys | Kissing Booth

To All The Boys saga ended with their third release in 2021, where Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey decided to be in a long-distance relationship with each other. Lara went to New York University and Peter Kavinsky chose to go to Stanford University. The two promised to continue their old-school romance in the digital era. They promised to write letters regularly to each other for the next four years. After all, their love story had started with a love letter from Lara Jean Covey that was not meant to be received by Peter Kavinsky. 

The third stage of The Kissing Booth is expected to release in 2021. Netflix has not announced a date yet. However, Elle will have to make a decision, if she would go to Harvard University or the University of California. While the former would keep her close to her boyfriend Noah Flynn, in the latter she would complete her childhood promise with best friend Flynn where they would go to the same college together. She has to make a choice between the two brothers and her career. 

We have prepared a short analysis of the two boys of Netflix. Take a look.

Peter Kavinsky 

Peter Kavinsky Lara Jean Covey

Peter Kavinsky has always been respectful towards Lara Jean Covey, even when he was in a relationship with her ex-bestfriend Gen. Lara had been in his memory ever since their meet-cute moment in middle school where she had stuck her hair in the chair.  Peter and Lara's relationship started as a lie, but he never lied to her. They both were aware of their contract which had been written with a pencil on a fancy notebook. He wanted to use Lara to make Gen jealous and Lara too chose to be a part of it. 

In their moments of honest lies, the two fell in love with each other and later became inseparable. Although Peter received several love letters from girls all over the school, he never got drowned by the love he received from it after he became a steady boyfriend to Lara Jean Covey. 

To All The Boys

Later, Peter started sharing a warm bond with the youngest Covey sister, Kitty. When the Covey sisters returned from Seoul to the US, Kitty seemed more excited to see Peter in the room than Lara. Despite having two brilliant sisters, with an epic relationship history, she would walk up to Peter for love advice on what to text a guy. 

To All The BOYS

Peter Kavinsky did not just remain a boyfriend but also became a loving son in the Covey family household. A father could trust Peter with his daughter and the sisters knew well that Peter was a boy with dignity who would never cross his boundaries while being in a relationship with Lara Jean Covey. Maybe at one point, he felt more welcomed in the sisters coven than Lara herself, since there had been times when Lara kept secrets from her sisters. In various ways, Peter (and Lara) had set the right kinds of goals for teenagers on how a couple should be. Respectful, loving and caring. 

Noah Flynn

Noah Flynn Jacob Elordi

Noah Flynn and Elle Evans relationship had slightly started on a complicated note. Even though they had the spark for each other, they knew that they couldn't be with each other, since Flynn had his ground rules with Elle. Owing to the separation, Noah went around flirting with all the girls who would readily throw themselves at him but simultaneously protected Elle Evans from the most embarrassing situations. Secretly, (or maybe not) he could never swallow the idea of Elle kissing another boy or anyone else even laying a finger on her. He dealt with these emotions knowing that the distance he is supposed to maintain with Elle had to be maintained. But that contract ended in the last segment of the first film, where Lee Flynn learnt to accept the relationship Elle had shared with his brother. 

The Kissing Booth

Elle and Noah hardly had to make an effort with each other's families since their previous generation had known each other and Noah's younger brother Lee had already been best friends with Elle, to the point that Lee's girlfriend got exhausted by their friendship, and demanded a space where she could be with Flynn without Elle coming in the way. 

Noah had an innocent love for Elle which remained hidden in his perfectly toned, muscular, physique. Even though Elle had sexual thoughts for other well-built muscular-bodied boys in her class, she had her loyalty to Noah. 

Between Noah Flynn and Peter Kavinsky, who do you think will be the better boyfriend?