For the audience that gets their daily dosage of entertainment from Netflix, Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky have become the ideal couple. It started as a consensual, fake, relationship but eventually converted into a deep, meaningful, bond between Lara Jean, Peter and the other Covey sisters.

In an interview with Entertainment Times, actress Lana Condor recalled that right before filming their first project, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, she had gone for a hot Yoga class and pizza with Noah Centineo. When she realized that sparks could really fly between them, she had immediately set boundaries. She had informed Centineo then that 'it was never gonna happen' and they had mutually agreed. Even after their trilogy came to an end, Condor still sticks to her decision of not dating her co-star. 

To All The Boys

Why Lana took the decision

"We love each other in a very friendship way and there's real love there, but I think in an alternate universe -- I can't even imagine -- if we would've dated, it would've ruined the movies. You watch movies like Twilight where the leads [Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson] were dating and broke up in the middle of the films and I could not even imagine working in a romantic setting with an ex. That sounds like an actual nightmare. It's a literal miracle that all of us still feel so much love towards each other because when you spend that much time with each other and your whole worlds are changing together a lot could happen. This is going on four years of working together and so you don't really get to have a friendship with someone if lust gets in the way. And who knows, things can get ugly at some points," Lana told the entertainment portal. 

Lana Condor

Well, it seems like a wise, professional decision. Who knew that Lana could be so much like Lara

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo's To All The Boys saga became an instant hit since the day of its release. It is one of the high-school-based love stories, focused on a Korean-American girl and her strong rush of feelings she had for certain boys of her age. The films bring in an element of diversity but do not completely keep their focus on it. The love-stories carry on, while we get to witness a lot of South Korean culture.