Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of SussexGetty Images

Meghan Markle who's been taking the internet by storm has created another tornado, this time not directly created by her but by her fans.

Ever since the news of Markle's pregnancy broke out, the whole world found another exciting item to devour for the next nine months. While that might have taken things up a notch, the craze has definitely been something to keep a tab on.

People have been placing bets on the gender of Markle's new baby but in a series of appearances by Markel, there might have been a way for the papparazzi and bookies to assume that Meghan Markle must have confirmed the sex of the child by now.

On Wednesday night, the Duchess of Sussex went out on a royal date night at Royal Albert Hall. She wore a navy-blue, floor length Roland Mouret gown. The 3,400 pound dress shimmered as the paparazzi went click – ety - click that gave Markle an ethereal glow.

She accessorised the gown with a gold bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana.

Harry and Markle were there to raise funds for Prince Harry's charity, Sentebale that provides aid to youth suffering from HIV in Africa.

Now, the speculation is going wild. Had she been wearing colors that were light in texture, say pink or white, then the chances of her having a girl would have been a good possibility -- is one side of the bet. Those pitching for this refer to how Kate Middleton had done it.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, Duchess of CambridgeGetty Images

But in all her recent outings, Markle has been sporting green and blue ever since the 37-year old announced that she is expecting her first child with Prince Harry. During the holidays, Meghan wore a navy blue dress to the Christmas service. She repeated the same color at a state dinner in Fiji too. She is yet to wear pink and other colors, which are often seen as feminine.

As far as betting goes, people are confident that Meghan Markle will have baby girl. The bookies haver already closed all or any sort of bet, which is quite opposite to what has been the sign from Markel.

So, if Markle ends up having a boy, many people in the UK will stand to lose their money.