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Actress Payal Rohatgi urged people to get her account reactivated after Twitter suspended it. The right-wing people condemned Twitter, saying that it is anti-Hindus and freedom of speech should be banned.

Payal Rohatgi is a hardcore right-wing activists and she is known for her controversial remarks against left-liberals. Of late, she had been actively taking part in the nepotism debate and exposing some popular Bollywood celebs after the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Her revelations have shocked many people across the country.

But the actress was in for a shock on Wednesday morning, when she found that Twitter has suspended her account. Payal Rohatgi took to her Instagram account to share the screenshot of the message she got after she tried to open her account. She captioned it with, "Just Now I am not able to tweet on my verified twitter handle  It is SUSPENDED citing what reasons now  #payalrohatgi."

Payal Rohatgi also shared a video message and asked, "Why my Twitter Account is SUSPENDED ?????" In the video, the actress alleged that her account was suspended with a notification. She is seen saying, "No reason has been given, no e-mail has been sent on my official e-mail id and my account has been suspended. I don't know what the reason is. It is for all of you'll to figure out with Twitter India that why have they deleted my account."

Payal Rohatgi
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The actress added, "Neither do I abuse people nor do I use any wrong word for anyone. I obviously attempt to share facts, but this effort of mine has been projected in a bad light by liberals and people who are extremists, who control Twitter. Hence, I appeal to people to please urge Twitter to restore my account, otherwise, I will not be able to talk to everyone."

Payal Rohatgi often lands in problems for her controversial and abusive posts. Twitter had suspended her Twitter account for a week due to an abusive tweet in June. This is the second time her account has been suspended in a month. The news about Twitter suspending her account has received a mixed response. It has enraged some of her supporters and left many amused.

The people belonging to the Left-wing are very happy with the suspension of her account and kept thanking Twitter for it. They said that Payal Rohatgi is a hatemonger and she keeps spreading lies and fake news. They also requested Twitter not to restore her account again.

Javed A Khan @JavedAKhan

Thank you @TwitterIndia Never ever restore her account. They are main culprits who spreading hateful & fake news in society.

Sohail Mo. @sohailmohd_1

This restores my faith in Twitter india. She is extremely abusive, spreading hate and lies. Never give any platforms to this hatemongers. @TwitterIndia @Twitter

On the other hand, the people from the right wing are upset and furious with Twitter for suspending her account. They call it anti-Hindu and an attack on freedom of speech. Twitter should have given her warning if she had committed wrong. They urged it to restore her account. They are trending the hashtag #BringBackPayalRohatgi

prudhvi nadh @prudhvinadh1

#PayalRohatgi is one the strongest individual who spoke about the dark of of Bollywood ans SSR case! And now Twitter suspended her account fir no reason? What the hell is happening?? #BringBackPayal

देवाशीष द्विवेदी @devo_ke_ashish

@Payal_Rohatgi  I support Payal Rohatgi, she is a patriot, suspension of her account is attack on freedom of speech of everyone who speak for Hindu hindustan and India. Do you support?  #BringBackPayalRohatgi

Manish Singh Rajpoot @ManishK89979565

Dear @TwitterIndia why did you suspend @Payal_Rohatgi account? This is very unfair Kindly restore her account #BringBackPayal

Shan @rakkanchat1

#PayalRohatgi. There is system in place. Why bann her? If something wrong give warning and explain the valid reason. Be deomocratic.

Ankit Tiwari @AnkitTi06655799

@Payal_Rohatgi account banned Please boycott twitter. twitter is also auty-hindu khangressi mulla like Facebook and Youtube

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Why my Twitter Account is SUSPENDED ?????

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