Twitter has always been a war zone of opinions. Every day new fires are set in corners of the platform. As far as controversial figures on Twitter go, Rangoli Chandel was perhaps a ruler of her own quadrant. 

Just today, Rangoli's account on Twitter was suspended following one of her rants after being reported by Susanne Khan's sister Farah Khan. After she exited Twitter, netizens celebrated in joy with some of the best memes to commemorate the event. 

Rangoli Chandel

Rangoli Chandel shown the exit by Twitter

It's not every day that a popular account on Twitter is suspended. Everybody will agree that there are some very hateful characters on Twitter, there are conversations which are a perfect setup for a riot, and tweets that should never have been written. But, the admin has tolerated all that, Rangoli Chandel then achieved the near-impossible with a series of tweets.

Rangoli Chandel's Twitter account suspended

Twitter has a strong policy against hate and violence. Rangoli Chandel recently tweeted about the attack on health workers amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and said Mullas and secularized media should be lined up and shot. She didn't stop there and said that it's ok if they're called Nazis for doing so. This tweet wasn't taken kindly to by Farah Khan, Susanne Khan's sister who reported her to the Twitter, however, she was not the only one, actor Kubra Sait and writer-director Reema Kagti also reported Kangana Ranaut's sister.

Not much later, Rangoli's Twitter account was suspended. For many this turned out to be a victory, tired of Rangoli's below-the-belt attacks on Bollywood A-listers, targeting specific communities and angry rants. The #RangoliChandel began to trend and turned into a celebration online as memes poured in. 

Rangoli Chandel proves to be a muse for meme-makers:

We don't know when Rangoli will be back with more entertainment. What will the memes be like then we wonder?