Payal Rohatgi and Hyderabad rape victim
Payal Rohatgi and Hyderabad rape victimCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi is facing the brunt of her actions after she tried to paint the Hyderabad veterinary doctor's rape and murder case as a Hindu-Muslim issue. Many people on social media urged the Hyderabad and Mumbai police to take legal action against her for spreading communal violence.

The rape victim, who was a veterinary doctor, had sought the help of some locals of Shadnagar, Hyderabad after her bike's tyre was punctured. Her body, charred beyond recognition, was found in Shadnagar this morning. It is reported that she was raped and murdered. Hyderabad woke to hear the news about the gruesome and heinous act, which has left everyone shocked, saddened and outrageous.

Thousands of people, including hundreds of celebs, took to Twitter this morning to condemn this barbaric act and demand justice for the victim. Payal Rohatgi, who hails from Hyderabad, was one among them. But besides expressing her anguish, the actress tried to give it a religious colour. She said that a Hindu girl was raped and murdered in a Muslim majority area.

Actress Payal Rohatgi, who calls herself a proud Hindu, tweeted, "राम राम जी #RIPPriyankaReddy Hindu girl raped and murdered by rapists in Shadnagar of Hyderabad Is Shadnagar a Muslim majority area? #IndianMedia please run this story too and get girl justice #OmShantiOm #PayalRohatgi."

Payal Rohatgi did not stop there, as she went to tweet a link to prove Shadnagar is a Muslim majority area. "Ram Ram ji I don't want some people to accuse me of Hindu/Muslim hatred so I am just sharing this link. This is to all those who always SPELL #Hindu word in crimes where they are involved Specially #IndianMedia #RIPPriyankaReddy #PayalRohatgi" she wrote.

Many people were unhappy with Payal Rohatgi inciting Hindu-Muslim issue in the victim's rape and murder case. Some of them have replied to her and condemned her views, while a few others tagged the Hyderabad and Mumbai police and requested them to arrest her or take proper legal action against for spreading communal hatred.

Here is how people slammed Payal Rohatgi in reply:

Uma Sudhir @umasudhir

What a nonsensical tweet is that... it is not just foolish, it is dangerous... spreading hatred; this is terrible

sana farzeen @SanaFarzeen

stop stooping so low Payal. stop making everything about religion. before a Hindu, she was a girl and we should be talking about women safety here and not discussing the religion in the area.

زماں @Delhiite_

@hydcitypolice @TelanganaDGP please check out this handle, i guess she's spreading hate, a clear threat to communal harmony @CyberDost

GEO @GEORGE52107460

Shameless urchin you are @ Payal Rohtagi to spread communal rift creating messages, which are baseless and unverified.

Peeing Humor @PeeingHumor

@MumbaiPolice will you take against payal her intentions are to spread communal violence.

Toufiq Attar @attar_toufiq

Do take rapes as majority area's people's did then what about unnav but one thing I have to say I have guts to say that from which religions they are don't see them cut off their heads put those on foots of the victim

Saif Khan Ali @SaifKhanAli8

@TelanganaDGP @TelanganaCMO @TelanganaDGP dear sir this lady spreading hate and wrong news about specific community even police has not reach rapists yet but she openly blame Muslims community ..kindly Take action against this hate mongor lady..She is spreading hate ..thank you

ROHIT RUDRA @rohit_hittu

In Kashmir, a girl was raped inside the temple even... Worse than this.! It's not about religion... It's all about Literacy. That's impossible for u illiterates to understand.

Desibaba عبد الله @kastokan

@hydcitypolice this handle is spreading communal hate before the investigation. Take action against this hatemonger @KTRTRS

Stuti Jain @StutiJain1

@MumbaiPolice. . arrest this women, trying to give the sad incedent a communal Angle. These are the exact people who fill rage among all the communities and defame India. Please detain her before she spills more hate, baselessly.

Vivek pathak @VivekPathakk

This women is a serious threat to the society. For her very own intrest as always she is giving this horrifying incident a communal angle. Please dear hindustani brothers and sisters boycott her in broad.

Anshuman Kumar @anshumankumar31

People like you always ready to spread communal hate for limelight and never really concerned about justice. You are giving perfect material for media to continue Hindu vs Muslim debate and deviate from this heart wrenching insanity. If you have any insight provide it to police.