Katamarayudu, Pawan Kalyan

Power star Pawan Kalyan kept his Twitter rant against the TDP going on for the fourth day and said that public abuse and private apology does not work with him.

Actress Sri Reddy recently abused Pawan Kalyan after a press conference to garner attention for her protest against casting couch. But she offered an apology to the Jana Sena Party chief after being slammed on social media. Even Ram Gopal Varma admitted to influencing the actress to use filthy language against him and apologized to the actor and his fans for hurting them.

Pawan Kalyan, who kept mum on Sri Reddy's rant against him, took to Twitter on April 19 and alleged that it was TDP's conspiracy against him. He also slammed the heads of some media houses for supporting TDP's agenda. 

In a series of tweets, Pawan Kalyan wrote April 22, "RK,We will bear your Abuse ,what to do? we are meek & powerless.We will suffer. *Case registered against Pavan Kalyan Fans..ABN COMPLIANT..345/2018 u/s 147,148,324,34,427-IPC,7-CLA-1932 at PS/District: Banjara Hills / Hyderabad City on dt:21/04/2018*."

"TDPJyothi Rathna,RK.. what is the culture of TDP, Abuse everyone.. Right from PM to Commoner. Good training, keep it up. TDP leaders has a great strategy to achieve 'Special category Staus,' Abuse Prime Minister of India in the most Unparliamentary language. Who advised? Definitely, it must be RK."

"TDP's Motto" In Abuse We Trust" American Constitution Preamble line "In God We Trust" ; TDP Constitution Preamble line ,"In Abuse We Trust." American Constitution Preamble line "In God We Trust" ; TDP Constitution Preamble line ,"In Abuse We Trust." Except God, మిగతాదంతా same to same. Do You Know Who is TDP's General Secretary for "Abuse Mother& Sister Wing" Who else? BoothuJyothi Rathna"RK"."

Continuing his tirade on Twitter, Pawan Kalyan wrote, "Public Abuse and Private Apology doesn't Work with me.. For 6 months You ABUSE & Do Emotional Atyachar on Me, My Fans,Suppoters, Friends, Party Cadre,Janasainks, Film Industry and as Cherry on the Top, You Abuse my Old Mother too.. You Sick minded degenerates and Now you send me feelers to apologise, privately!!"