Power Star movie still featuring Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi's lookalikes
Power Star movie still featuring Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi's lookalikesTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma, who is gearing up to release his film Power Star, has alleged that Pawan Kalyan fans claiming to be Jana Sena members attacked my office and he has put them in his own lockup.

Power Star is controversial drama film apparently based on the life of Pawan Kalyan and Ram Gopal Varma has announced to release it in his OTT platform on July 25. Many fans of the actor are angry with RGV after see its promos. They have disliked its trailer and song in a large number and also trolled the filmmaker.

Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter account this evening to claim that his office was attacked by Pawan Kalyan's fans. The filmmaker tweeted, "P k fans claiming to be janasena members attacked my office and they have been thrown out into the lockup by my guards and Cops ..I want to kiss and make love to them for giving me more publicity for POWER STAR."

Hours after releasing the trailer of Power Star on July 22, Ram Gopal Varma had revealed that he was getting threats, but he is worried. The director tweeted yesterday, "I am getting lot of threats but no problem because I always lived under threats ..My STAR is more POWERful than POWER STAR BASTI ME SAWAAL."

RGV's movie Power Star still
RGV's movie Power Star stillTwitter

This afternoon, Ram Gopal Varma claimed that some guys from a tech company are planning to crash his platform. The director tweeted, "Some tech company guys close to some POWERful STAR people are conspiring to crash http://rgvworldtheatre.com when P0WER STAR releases ..Am reporting to police to keep a close watch and catch them red handed."

The trailer of Power Star has received supper response with its 2.78 million views on the official YouTube channel of RGV. While 1 lakh people liked it, the video has received 65,000 dislikes. Talking about it, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, "Even with POWERfully unbalanced like & dislike ratio due to P k fans, POWERSTAR still made way for YouTube Trending #1."