Virender Sehwag

Couple of days ago, Virender Sehwag put out a tweet where he shared a clip of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's interview to American talk show 'Morning Joe. Sehwag pointed out that the anchor of the show responds to Khan's comments about infrastructure in USA by saying that he sounds like 'a welder from Bronx.'

The entire tweet of Virender Sehwag was rather aggressive in its denunciation of the Pakistan PM. "'You sound like a welder from the Bronx,' says the anchor. After the pathetic speech in the UN a few days ago, this man seems to be inventing new ways to humiliate himself," Sehwag had written.

Unfortunately for the former Indian opening batsman, the presenter of the show, who asked this question, Joe Scarborough, put out a tweet pointing out that the word he used was 'voter' not 'welder.'

Original tweet of Sehwag

"What in the world are you even talking about? As I tweeted earlier, I said 'voter' from the Bronx," Scarborough tweeted.

This statement of the talk show anchor came after an appeal from well-known Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar who took to the social media platform to speak on this issue.

"Seriously. That's the worst thing about this entire excruciatingly idiotic exercise of trolling: to use the word welder as a slur. Change a word, & make it into an abuse. How low it is to even think that being a welder is an insult. It's about time @JoeNBC of @MSNBC cleared this," Tarar wrote on her account.

Tweets from Joe Scarborough and Mehr Tarar

Once this clarification was issued, an avalanche of tweets ensued from the Pakistani side criticizing and targeting Sehwag. One Pakistani user even brought up the humble origins of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi into the picture to hit back at Viru.

"Most Indians have trouble understanding American accent. He said 'Voter' not 'Welder.' Irony is an Indian trolling Oxford graduate Pakistani PM calling him a welder when his own PM is actually a CHAIWALA masters in ENTIRE political science," said one of the tweets.


Sehwag is yet to respond to this tweet. He can argue in his defence that be it a welder or voter, the Pakistan PM and former captain of their cricket team cut a sorry figure with his histrionic speech at UNGA and continuous exhortations on the Kashmir issue.


However, it can't be denied that the former Indian cricketer did make an error in rushing to judgement on the clip. Even in the video itself, the tenor of the conversation seemed jovial and Khan was smiling at the words of Scarborough – a sign that there was no insult. Sehwag better be careful next time.