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The Indian fisherman crossed over through the Attari-Wagah border after the Pakistan government released them from jail.Reuters

A Pakistani couple languishing in a Bengaluru jail for two years has been ordered to leave the country immediately. The Karnataka High Court, ordering the deportation of 33-year-old Kashif Shamsuddin and 28-year-old Kiran Ghulam Ali, said the couple has been overstaying in the country and the tax payer's money is being wasted on their expenses.

Interestingly, the couple along with another Pakistani national, Samira Abdul Rehman, had obtained Aadhar cards as well as Indian voter IDs illegally through a tout. The couple managed to illegaly enter India through Qatar, Nepal and Oman and were staying in Kumaraswamy Layout in the city until May, 2017. Due to their illegal activities they were arrested by the police and fake documents were seized from them.The court later sentenced them to 21 months of imprisonment on each of the grounds. The couple and their Pakistani friend were travelling in a car which was suspected to be stolen and was finally tracked by the police.

The couple's friend Samira had married an Indian national, Muhammad Shihab from Kerala, while he was working in Qatar. Samira's parents however didn't alllow her to live with the husband. She ultimately planned with her cousin Kashif and his girlfriend Kiran to escape to India and settle there.

However, their illegal stay in Bengaluru evaded the police attention especially since they procured the Aadharar and voter identity cards. The High Court has taken a strict notice of such lapse and asked the concerned authorities to immediately make arrangements for their deportation. The counsel that appeared on behalf of the government of India told the Court that they need to seek the permission from authorities for the deportation.

Court brooks no more delay

The Court replied that no permission needed to be sought and these Pakistani nationals are being fed on public money. The GOI said that the Pakistani government is yet to confirm about the nationality of the couple and their friend and that until then the deportation process cannot be completed.

The Court told the counsel that there should be no more waiting period and that the couple and their friend are now overstaying in India and using tax payer's money.

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