Missile test fired
[Representational Image]Reuters File

Pakistan on Thursday reacted for the first time on the purported news reports that India had successfully test-fired nuclear capable K-4 missile from the indigenous nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, INS Arihant.

Nafees Zakaria, spokesperson of Pakistani Foreign Office, said in Islamabad that India should have informed it in advance about the test. Expressing Pakistan's concern over the tests, he noted that such tests would "disturb strategic balance in South Asia," the Dawn reported.

The cause of concern for Pakistan is obvious, since the country does not yet have the ability to use undersea nuclear missiles against its arch-rival neighbour.

India has been reportedly conducting tests on its 17-tonne K-4 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), which has an operational range of 3,500 km and can carry conventional and nuclear warheads weighing over 2,000 kg.

A test in April was conducted from the home-grown INS Arihant, which is currently undergoing sea trials. This homegrown submarine can reportedly carry four K-4s and 12 K-15s.

Earlier launch reports noted that the missile reached its target with "high accuracy reaching close to zero circular error probability (CEP)." Previously, another test in March was conducted from a submerged pontoon.

The K-4 is part of the K series of missiles, with the other being the K-15 missile, which has a range of 750 km.

India is cautious of Pakistan using its so called battlefield nuclear weapons in a warlike situation. 

India requires a proper nuclear deterrent given that it has voluntarily accepted to a "No First Use" policy regarding usage of nuclear weapons. India is concerned with Pakistan increasing its nuclear stockpile and brandishing its battlefield nuclear weapons like 60-km Nasr (Hatf-IX) missile with sub kiloton plutonium warheads.