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Much awaited Malayalam movie Oru Mexican Aparatha (OMA), starring Tovino Thomas in the lead role, hit screens in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad on Friday, March 3. A few fan shows started at 7:30 am in Ernakulam, Kollam, Alappuzha, Malappuram and Palakkad with houseful status.

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The campus entertainer, which is set against the backdrop of Maharajas College in Ernakulam, is the debut directorial venture of Tom Emmatty. Tovino's character Paul is the supporter of SFY party against his rival Roopesh (Roopesh Peethambaran), who belongs to another party named KSQ. The movie shows the campus war between the students who follow different political ideologies and also narrates the love story of Paul and Anu (Gayathri Suresh). OMA also stars Neeraj Madhav, Kalabhavan Shajon, Sudhi Koppa and a few newcomers in significant roles.

Oru Mexican Aparatha, bankrolled by Anoop Kannan, is one of the most hyped movies in Malayalam, and it is evident from the immense response its teasers, trailer and songs are garnering from the audience. All the videos from OMA were on the top trending list on YouTube India creating records. The movie had a tremendous advance booking status with almost all the shows either houseful or almost full at 11 pm on Thursday.

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Shahul hameed

it's wonderful movie. campus atmosphere so very good. songs and background it most wonderful tovino it's up coming big hero neeraj is wonderful actingits emotional scenes are good krishnan character its good all character dialogue delivery superbexpectialy good work for directions and writer roopesh also very good and the long hair man fame of maheshinte prathikaram superb i wish u all the best Fr all characters and the unit of Mexican aparatha... wait for good future for all...

BMS Users

The most scintillating campus retrospect hitherto. A nice flick among the recent ones. Actors and technical crew have done their job perfectly good. Rush into your nearest centers without any hesitation.

super movie..Good college nostalgic narration..tovino was super..action,love,politics.. super movie .must watch it..Good story, and beautiful songs ...

Sooperr. Mind blowing performance by Tovino and team... First half is very thrilling and the second half is above average.. My rating is 4.5 out of 5

superb filim tovino at his best neeraj good all others are acting good like professionals give support to this filim give rise to a feature mohanlal,tovino

it's a good movie... good acting tovino...good work tovino and team... background music and scenes so good ... college scenes are natural looking

VERY NICE MOVIE, Tovino is outstanding, it's not that much political oriented, have romance , good songs, camera is good. Totally a must watch...***

Sad to say that all department failed to meet the expectations..Worth a miss indeed...Tovino good in parts..First half was boring..Second half slightly better compared to first half..

i went to the theatre for tovino and the college scenes. it would've been like classmates if they could made it with less politics. This is disappointing. Strictly for Communists

nice movie.. old SFI comrades will love it..its from their heart.realistic campus politics shown in movie.all type family will enjoy..should be a block buster film.

Good making... nice crew..tivino has done an esqusite job... superbsound mixing... first half not that much political oriented.. second half got some real thrilling moments...politics is there in this film but strictly campus oriented

Awesome film it has shown a realistic approch.. thought of it as an anti KSQ film bt its wasn't ... nice film good acting by Tovino Chetan..

Tovino and the entire film crew has put together a master piece..of love,fights and friendship.All the actors have performed excellently and special congrats to the editor.

The movie waa just average to me, the over expectations may be the reason that guided me to say so.. The movie brings a lot of laugh and goosebumbs, but on the story part the movie concluded on average.. The casting is another important point.. Most of the actors has brought their best to the movie but some casting was too bad..

Oru Mexican Aparatha is all about a political movie. A movie which tells about the powerful college politics and social scenario. As debutant director Tom Emmatty had given a good attempt. But the screenplay lacks in certain parts at both the first and second half but it's watchable till the end. The director should have put more focus on screenplay. The dialogues in the movie was absolutely brilliant the viewers can feel goosebumps. The story revolves around the background of two college political parties in a leading college. The first deals with beginning steps of the party called SFY and the college life of leading actors followed with a romance track. The second half deals with the steps SFY party making to establish a strong basement in the college and also shows the good side and the bad side of the party. The climax focus towards the college election and the winning party. The climax is predictable. Coming to the casting of the movie Tovino and Neeraj delivered an outstanding performance. The acting of Roopesh Peethambaran deserves a great applause. A long promising career is waiting for these guys. The main female lead Gayatri Suresh also comes up with a good performance. The newcomers in the movie also contribute their best. The humour track followed in the movie was quite good. The technical side of the movie was brilliant. The cinematography by Prakash Velayudhan was at a top class level .The Music by Manikandan was extra refreshing and powerfull especially the song Katta Kalip. It was something revolutionary with the support of lyricist Renjith Chittade. The editing was gquite goodby Shammer Muhammed. So overall Oru Mexican Aparatha stands up with a above average movie. If the screenplay and the second half was focused more it could have been much more better, the strong story was not utilised properly. Watching with less expectation can put this movie to a one time watch. My personal rating 3/5

A must watch movie. Tovino is the upcoming superstar. Watched the movie in Banglore, felt like I was in my college. As communist movies always energise the crowd, this movie is no exception. Really a crowd puller.

very gud campus movie ...excellent acting by tovino and neeraj...campus politics at its best. Dialauges were very inspirational..overall excellent film... Worth watching for everyone(not only communists)


#OMA 1st haf : So far full on entertainment with political backdrop and superb performance from Tovino and Neeraj Treat for youth✌️ Though there are only few standout scenes,director managed 2 deliver a watchable product wit a mix of revolution,romance & aggression!! Tovino does his job well whose character could have been still written strongly. Neeraj Also Rest are okay !! One would expect more standout scenes in a film like this but there are only a few and the screenplay could have been better. There are enough moments to satisfy the left wing supporters while for others it ends up as a watchable flick !!

Red Carpet Spectacle

#OruMexicanAparatha - Example of how Red flags influenced in Kerala. Very good approach. Tovino & Neeraj did really well. New approach in communist story by breaking stereotypes & cooked for new generation with goosebumps.3.25/5

Joju Antony Xavier 

Tovino and Neeraj ❤
Awsome BGM.
Dont expect alot.
An average but entertaining movie.

Ainesh Zacharias

Oru Mexican Aparatha Is Pure Mix Of Class And Mass  Tom Emmatty Has Succeeded In Creating A Realistic Movie With Perfect Mix Of Cinematic Elements Rise Of A Star Tovino Thomas ,You Beauty BGM

Movie Planet

Watched #OruMexicanAparatha Avg Product BGM , Songs , Visuals etc Heavy Not met expectations 2.5/5

Sreejeesh Tûtt'ž 

#mexican aparatha
#ufff kidu ....pwoliche
#Tovino super
#Neeraj madhav.....kidu muthe pwoliche...


#OruMexicanAparatha Above Average flick Decent first half Ok second half Only for youth ! Didn't meet the expectations Hf Tovino 2.75/5

Malayalam Review‏ 

#OruMexicanAparatha Ok First Half Entertaining In Parts. Strictly Average One Ok Script & Ordinary Execution Goosebumps Moments Guaranteed For Comrades. Performance Wise Tovino & Neeraj Done Well Songs,Bgm Ok Avg Product + Overhyped Marketing  2.5/5