"The Originals" is returning to The CW next week, but instead of its usual Thursday schedule, the show has been shifted to Fridays. The upcoming season 3 episode 10, "A Ghost Along the Mississippi", will mark the first episode to be aired in the new schedule.

In the previously aired "Savior", the fans saw the materialisation of their shipping of "Klamille", when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) finally revealed to Camille (Leah Pipes) that she means everything to him, before kissing her. However, the happiness was shortlived, and just minutes later, Klaus was holding Camille's lifeless body and crying.

In the promo for the upcoming episodes of season 3, Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) were both seen preparing for retaliation. The Mikaelsons are once again united against their collective enemies and from the de Martels to the spirit of their older brother Finn (Casper Zafer/Yusuf Gatewood), they have quite a few foes.

It is understood that a new character from their past will also join the cast in the second half of season 3. Actor Matt Cedeño has been cast to play the callous and manipulative vampire Cortez, who is from Klaus' sire line, but not sired by him. His complicated past makes him very interesting, but it remains to be seen what new troubles he will spew.

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Meanwhile, Daniel Gillies, in an interview with KTLA5, has teased a future for Elijah and Hayley (Phoebe Tokin). As fans know Elijah and Hayley are star-crossed lovers, whose timing is just never right. First, Hayley was pregnant with Klaus' baby and then she got married to the werewolf leader Jackson (Nathon Parsons). Elijah got one night with Hayley and since then, they have been trying to contain their feelings for each other.

"These two are sort of irrevocably bound to one another...I think that in a sense they're sort of doomed by the fact that they're in love and there's every kind of obstacle in their path," Gillies said, before adding, "I would say that no matter what happens, they can't resist the gravitational pull that's love," KTLA5 reports. 

So, do not forget to watch the upcoming episodes of "The Originals" season 3, starting with episode 10 "A Ghost Along the Mississippi", which will be aired on Friday, 29 January.