Ahead of the winter finale, "The Orignals" is all set to celebrate Christmas with the upcoming Season 3 Episode 9, "Savior". It is expected to be an iconic episode, and not just because it features the return of Rebekkah (Claire Volt).

In the previous episode, "The Other Girl in New Orleans", Klaus (Joseph Morgan) made it abundantly clear he was no longer in love with Aurora (Rebecca Breeds), but with Cami (Leah Pipes). Although the duo hasn't aired their feelings to each other or anyone else, the tension between them is palpable, and the picture of Klaus covering Cami's body as she slept spoke more than a thousand words.

From the official synopsis for the upcoming "Savior", it is understood that Klaus will keep a close eye on Cami, now that his affection for her is out in the open. He already has the coordinates for sister Rebekkah's location by breaching into her and Tristan's (Oliver Ackland) minds. Since the Mikaelsons now have no reason to keep de Martels alive, all cards are on the table.

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Heartbroken and clinically crazy, Aurora is obviously looking for ways to get revenge on Klaus for betraying her love, and Cami for stealing her true love. There is also the prophecy looming above their heads.

With Rebekkah's return with a curse and her fight with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), we fear the adoring sister could be the one felling the debonair vampire. From the teasers on "The Originals" facebook page, we also know Tristan has a special gift for his sister, and we aren't novices to believe it has nothing to do with hurting the Originals.

Despite all the impending bloodshed, fans are still hoping to see at least one Cami and Klaus scene, where the couple will finally end the torturous wait and kiss each other.

Watch Season 3 Episode 9 of "The Originals" at 9 pm (EST) on Thursday, 10 December. You can also live-stream "Savior" via CWTV.