"The Originals" has been on a winter hiatus since the death of Cami (Leah Pipes), leaving fans wondering if the Klamille story-line is really over literally minutes after it began.

The truth of what happens to Cami will be revealed only on Friday, 29 January, when The CW airs the mid-season premiere.

However, we do believe that Cami is not really dead and that she will return for a few more episodes. Considering that the writers built up Klamille for three years, there is no way she is going to be killed off immediately after a kiss. If she was not an important character, the romantic storyline between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and her would not have been necessary.

She did have a palpable chemistry with male leads like Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in Season 1 and with Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) as of now, and Cami could very well have been a platonic friend to Klaus, helping him understand why he does what he does. She is in fact pivotal to "The Originals" and will continue to be a part of it, post the mid-season break.

However, that does not mean Klaus will let whoever hurt her go unpunished, and according to the short promo for Season 3 Episode 10, Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will go on a killing spree. After all, it looks like Klaus's pure, innocent Cami has been turned into a vampire.

There are a couple of reasons to believe Cami has vampire blood in her, and will survive this vicious attack. Firstly, Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) had taunted him by saying "your precious Camille is dark", and although she was speaking about an incident from her past, it could also be suggestive of the "dark" vampire blood that has found its way into her system.

On the other hand, Klaus himself could have fed her his blood, because in Episode 8 of the season, she had scars from when Aurora kidnapped her, but by Episode 9 she had fully recovered. Klaus definitely fed her some of his blood to ensure her recovery. Also let us not forget that she was photographed with a daylight ring, while shooting for "The Originals" recently.

Moreover, the IMDB page of Leah Pipes lists her as Camille O'Connell for the rest of the episodes of Season 3 of "The Originals".