"The Originals" has gone on a winter break after killing one of the most popular characters from The CW show. The death of Cami (Leah Pipes) was especially upsetting because after many episodes of sexual tension between our favourite vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and her, they had finally kissed.

In the previously aired Season 3 Episode 9 titled "Savior", we saw Cami confronting Klaus about his feelings for her at last. After slight hesitation, Klaus professes his love for her with, "What is important to you, is important to me. What makes you happy, makes me want to keep you so. What scares you I want to tear apart."

"I do not wish to watch from behind a glass Camille," he said before kissing her passionately. However, the happiness of "Klamille" shippers was short-lived because minutes later, Klaus woke up next to the bleeding, lifeless body of Cami. However, we do not think that Cami is actually dead, because it would be foolish on the part of the writers to kill a beloved character so early on in the season.

Moreover, her presence gives writers the potential to dig deeper into Klaus as a lover and a romantic, which is something they should not ideally pass on. Additionally, Leah Pipes was spotted wearing a ring looking eerily similar to the daylight ring during the shooting of "The Originals"; note that she does not normally sport a ring in real life.

That can only mean one thing; Cami is still in the show, but she has become a vampire. Regardless, the people who made Cami suffer will pay for their actions, and the retribution will be swift. The promo for the upcoming Season 3 Episode 10, which will be aired on Thursday, 29 January, shows Elijah going on a rampage, while managing to look as cool and suave as ever.

However, the Mikaelson siblings are still unable to shirk off the prophecy which predicts their downfall. For more details on the fate that awaits the Mikaelsons in Season 3B, check back here.