OnePlus is largely driven by its community - so much that it takes their word on developing new features. OnePlus has a dedicated IDEAS Beta Run program that gives voice to those who really have an idea worth reshaping into a real feature. The program is all about improving the user experience for millions of its users by adding new OxygenOS features.

Since its inception, OnePlus' bond with its community has been firm. Building on that relationship, OnePlus naturally received several ideas on how to make OxygenOS better and the company has finally narrowed down on the most popular ideas that will be made available to users.

"During the past 8 weeks, we have received over 5,000 brilliant ideas and 25k likes, with over 2,000 comments exchanged. It has been an epic journey with our enthusiastic community by our side. The beta phase reaches its end today, while a longer trip lies ahead. IDEAS will be under renovation for the next months and we'll see you soon in the Summer!" OnePlus shared the update on its community forum.

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Usually, the process of rolling out exciting new features is kept a secret. The element of surprise and all. But OnePlus is doing one better. By involving its community members, OnePlus is giving reasons to celebrate as millions of users around the world wait for the new features.

5 upcoming features

If the lockdown has you disappointed about not being able to buy the OnePlus 8, holding on to your existing OnePlus phone a bit longer might not be such a bad idea after all. Here's a look at the top five features that will make it to OnePlus phones in the coming months.

Always on Display - This has been long requested and it's good to see it get implemented. OnePlus has confirmed that the development of AOD will be finished around June and the official rollout can be expected in August or September.

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Fingerprint lock for hidden pictures - Privacy always takes precedence for users and at least one of the top features had to be related to privacy. OnePlus has included the feature that will allow users to enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in the gallery. This should be a relief to users who are tired of prying eyes. Users can easily tuck away their personal pictures behind the security of your fingerprint authentication.

Battery full audio notification - Ever since the displays have shrunken the bezels, one thing we miss the most is the tiny notification light, which indicated when there's a new message, a missed call, or when the phone is charging and when it is full. Since there's no way of getting that back, we can settle for the next best thing - audio notification when the battery is fully charged. No one likes overcharging their phones - so this is surely a welcoming feature.

OnePlus 7 Pro review
OnePlus 7 ProIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Folders within app drawer - This is extremely useful for those who like to keep their app drawer clean and organized. Putting all those rarely apps in one folder, productive apps in another and leaving the rest to just stay out in the open is kind of a boon. It's a good thing OnePlus has included it in the roadmap like the two previous features.

Zen mode enhancements - Zen Mode, for those who have used, is arguably one of the best ways to get some shut-eye or digital detox. Now, OnePlus is going to make some notable enhancements like adding Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, etc in the Zen Mode. This will definitely encourage users to extend the Zen Mode limit and won't affect with the digital detox process.

Let us know which feature is your favourite.