OnePlus smartphones aren't particularly known for their videography capability but looks like the brand has decided to upgrade this aspect for its existing phones as well as for the upcoming OnePlus 8-series lineup. Last year, OnePlus hosted an Open Ear Forums (OEF) event in New York to invite feedback and requests for new features from both regular users and professional mobile photographers.

The brand has now completed its reviewing process and has arrived with several commitments to advance the videography experience on its OnePlus smartphones. These are the key announcements made by OnePlus:

Videography commitments from Open Ears Forum (OEF)

OnePlus says that tuning all the cameras to have identical exposure, colour reproduction, and white balance is their first priority and main goal. The videography commitments also include autofocus consistency that was reported by the OEF attendees in their lab and the brand will upgrade both the hardware and software for autofocus in its 2020 offerings.

OnePlus working on new camera features
OnePlus working on new camera featuresOnePlus

OnePlus says that it will improve the skin tone consistency in its existing and upcoming smartphone via future system updates. Apart from this, it has accepted that the sharpness needs improvement across all scenarios for which the brand will try to find the new balance between sharpness and noise. Another major commitment for improved videography includes super stabilization that will possibly come with support for 4K recording, noise reduction, and improved low light quality.

"There are hardware limitations, but 4K super stabilization will be supported in some of our future devices," OnePlus says in the forum post.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7TTwitter/OnePlus

The brand also commits to improving the dynamic range in conditions when the subject is lit but the background is too dark. It says that it has been working on video HDR that will solve these dynamic range problems. OnePlus is also working on de-flickering solutions and also commits to include improved panning shots stabilization.

Other videography improvement commitments from OnePlus include faster camera speeds, lens feature-parity to support 1080P and 4K in all three lenses, optimizing the camera software for single-handed use, video editing solution, Pro video mode, zoom-in time-lapse, reverse recording video, and social media mode with capability to directly share videos to twitter and crop ratio for Instagram. OnePlus also says that it is already working on the Night mode for night video, so we can expect the feature soon in the upcoming OnePlus 8 devices as well as on the existing OnePlus phones.