OnePlus has become a household name in the smartphone industry. The company has built a reputation in its field by listening to customer feedback and improving products. This has helped the brand grow by leaps and bounds. As it continues to enhance the user experience on its phones, there's a new feature in the offing that greatly benefits users who spend a lot of time on their phones.

At a time when people's lives revolve around smartphones and screen-time is higher than ever, it is important to practice caution. The shift from OLED to LCD on most premium and mid-range smartphones, as beneficial as it has been, comes with its own setbacks. Since OLED panels use Pulse Width Modulation technique to control backlight brightness, the rapid on and off variations at low levels causes the screen to flicker.

As a result, screen flickering in low-light conditions, which most users might not notice, can cause eye strain. With people spending more time on smartphones, be it for watching movies or playing games, the exposure to the screen flickering at low brightness levels is extremely high. While companies have come up with ways to help users cut down on screen-time by introducing features where users can track and control the amount of time spent on apps, OnePlus has another way to help users.

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OnePlus to the rescue…

If excessive smartphone usage is causing health problems like headaches and eye strain, OnePlus is working on a feature that will help users without having them to cut down on essential screen time. The feature is called DC Dimming, which we've seen in Black Shark 2 and other brands like Oppo, Meizu and Vivo's iQOO are planning to offer in future phones. With the help of DC Dimming, OnePlus will counter the effects of PWM.

DC Dimming does the job of PWM technique of dimming the OLED panel by adjusting DC current. It is simple and popularly used in offices, homes and retail spaces for dynamic lighting solutions.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that OnePlus is working on bringing DC Dimming feature to its phones. Since the feature comes at a cost of quality, the company decided to play safe and offer it as an optional setting under OnePlus Lab or Developer Options in a future update.

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DC Dimming in OnePlus phones is going to be useful for those who prioritise health over display quality. We say so because users will not be able to get the true OLED experience with the feature turned on.

Lau did not comment on when users can expect the feature in their phone settings or the phones that will get the optional display setting. But users can expect DC Dimming to be added to the settings in the next software update