OnePlus had been planning the launch of OnePlus 6T for several months now, but the decision of a tech behemoth has poured water all over its plans. The official launch date of OnePlus 6T was set to October 30, but Apple announced an event of its own on the same day where it plans to unveil the latest MacBook and iPad Pro.

There are no surprises here that Apple's event will garner more attention than that of OnePlus, which is why the Chinese smartphone maker decided to move the launch date of its OnePlus 6T. After much debate, OnePlus 6T is now finally coming a day early as the official launch event in New York City is moved to October 29.

However, the OnePlus 6T launch in India will remain unchanged as all the arrangements made for the event in New Delhi cannot be redone at such short notice. 

"In any pursuit, you can only play the cards you are dealt. We were dealt a pretty bad hand. Our challenge was to find a way to make the most of a bad situation. For months on end, hundreds of people have poured their hearts and souls into creating our best product to date. Our goal is to make sure it gets the time and attention it deserves," OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in a detailed blog post explaining the last-minute change.

OnePlus 6T launch event preponed
OnePlus 6T launch event preponedOnePlus forums

It is not often we see a company reveal the real reason for the last minute change, especially when the reason is one of its own rivals. In this case, OnePlus openly stated that launching the OnePlus 6T on October 30 would mean being "overshadowed" by Apple's Special Event.

"We have only just begun our journey and cannot afford to let one of the most important products in our history be affected by another great product launch," Lau further added.

It's quite commendable on OnePlus' behalf to not only acknowledge the reality of the fact but also walk the extra mile to ensure the turnout isn't affected. According to Lau, OnePlus promises to cover any costs incurred in changing travel plans, including the fee to move flights, hotels, and other arrangements. In fact, those who feel the need to get a refund for their ticket can do so without any deductions.