Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time season 7 episode 11 is titled Secret Garden.Instagram/Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, the ABC fairytale drama series, will be back with a new episode of season 7 on March 2. Episode 11 is titled Secret Garden and it is likely to feature a bonding between Regina Mills aka Roni and Zelena aka Kelly.

In the winter finale that aired on December 15, Evil Queen Regina reunited with her sister Zelena, who is the Wicked Witch Of The West. The siblings will work together to save the lives of Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy in the mid-season premiere episode.

Here's how cast member Rebecca Mader said about the reunion between Regina and Zelena:

She needs her sister, which is great. Obviously the Evil Queen and Regina are superpowerful, but I think the sisters are stronger together. I have some powers that will help her "save the day", and ultimately the two of us coming together is incredibly powerful.

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The actress also opened up about her character Kelly in the ABC fairytale drama series. She said that Kelly is very different from Zelena and the fans will get to know more about her in the upcoming episodes.

"Kelly is awesome. She totally loves working out and doing super-healthy things.... She's so different from Zelena, it's hilarious. When Adam [Horowitz] and Eddy first told me what they were thinking for my cursed person, I completely cracked up laughing, because it's the antithesis of Zelena," Mader said in an interview with TV Line.

Meanwhile, co-creator Eddy Kitsis has said that Once Upon A Time will introduce Kelly's fiancé in the mid-season premiere episode.

"We are going to meet her (yet-to-be-cast) fiancé, and he is, as she said, someone from the real world. The last time we had someone fall in love with someone from the real world, they turned out to be a flying monkey, so we wanted to explore what would it really mean if you fell in love with someone who has no idea you're the Wicked Witch — and if you told them would think you're crazy!" he told TV Line.

Kitsis also teased a new love interest for Regina in the second half of season 7. "There is absolutely going to be some romance in Regina's life in the second half of the season," he said.

Explaining further, co-creator Adam Horowitz said, "Regina/Roni has a lot going on in Hyperion Heights. As Gothel's plan intensifies and the spectre of the coven looms, the stakes are raised. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for romance."

"Regina may have suffered a lot over the years, but she is nothing if not resilient. And when her heart is stirred, she decides to explore what that means and to see what possibilities lie out there for her. Robin and [her first love] Daniel will always be a part of Regina, but she knows she owes it to herself to see if she can love again," he added.