Once Upon a Time
Zelena might face some unexpected challenges in the upcoming episodes.Facebook/Once Upon a Time

The ABC fairytale drama series Once Upon A Time will return with a new episode of season 7 on March 2. Episode 11 is titled Secret Garden and it is likely to feature some unexpected challenges for Zelena.

The Wicked Witch of the West was introduced as a spin instructor named Kelly in the winter finale. She is assigned a complicated mission of saving two lives (Henry and Lucy) with the help of her sister Regina in the mid-season premiere episode.

Although Zelena has agreed to help her sister, she will be struggling with her "cursed persona" in the second half of the season, said show creator Adam Horowitz. According to him, she will be having a "conflicting attitude" in the upcoming episodes.

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"What that curse life is and was becomes very important and something she has to wrestle with in a serious way. The fiance is a real thing. She really does have one, and we really will be exploring that in the second half of the season," the creator said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Explaining further, Horowitz said that Zelena will be finding it difficult to hide her real identity from the fiancé, who is from the real world. She is apparently afraid that he will be surprised to know that she was once the Wicked Witch.

"One of the things we're going to see is she's going to be having this conflicting attitude. She's never had a cursed persona, so there's Kelly, and then there's Zelena, and then there's this person, and how do you tell somebody that you were once the Wicked Witch? There's a whole mess of emotional problems that lay ahead for her," the creator said.

Meanwhile, co-creator Edward Kitsis revealed that they will be introducing some new characters in the second half of season 7. "As always, we're going to introduce some new people, but I think that we've started to work out some of the kinks of the new season. I think people will see in the second half of the season it finds its groove even more," he said.

Kitsis also said that they will try to bring a balance between the old and new characters in the show through the upcoming episodes. "In the second half of the season, we continue to balance between the characters we knew and the new characters, especially the ones that we feel like people are really gravitating toward," he explained.