cleaning lady
The Naturist Company has professionals that go to people's houses to clean while naked. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

It is a strange, weird world we live in, and amongst its many amusing fads comes the nudist cleaning trend. As the name suggests, it is a UK company of some 300 professionals is ready to help with the household chores like scrubbing, dusting and polishing – but here's the catch: they do it in the buff.

And if you thought that was – well, for the lack of a better expression – just plain weird, you'd be slightly more surprised to know that their clients don't demand slim, toned, younger model-like women. On the contrary, patrons seem to be interested in fuller, more mature looking women – thereby prompting the company to rejecting slimmer, younger applicants.

The women working for the Naturist Cleaners enjoy a pay of £30 to £45 ($45 to $65) per hour and also have a strictly 'no touching policy' that the company abides by. Company founder Laura Smith – who herself indulges in naturism – spoke to Daily Mail Online, explaining how the process works.

"Overall there has to be 300 nude cleaners, catering to all kinds of tastes," Laura shared with the outlet. "The kind of people that use the service varies. It's not all men; we have females requesting male cleaners. Some people who call us think we offer 'undercover services' but our rates are middle tier and reflect otherwise."

Reflecting on the company's decision to reject certain kinds of applicants, Laura explains: "Most of our customers prefer women of a more experienced age and fuller figure. Ones that show their years of cleaning experience."

And the customers are reportedly satisfied. Speaking of what started it all, Laura shared "[A customer] wanted a nude woman to clean his flat, so I asked one of the girls,' she explained, 'I saw a business opportunity and decided to go with it."

But at the end of the day, Laura believes it's about the feeling of empowerment that comes with feeling good about oneself. "Our basic idea is that you should feel good about yourself no matter who you are, regardless of colour, age or weight. [...] For our customers the service is 'a great view'. It makes me feel confident about myself, I feel empowered."