Naked Wondering
Nick and Lins are travelling naked around the worldInstagram

This Belgium couple has become an internet sensation by travelling and exploring places in a rather unconventional way – wearing their birthday suits! Nick and Lins are currently travelling the world as naked as possible to explore nudism.

The nudist travellers, who are in their 30s, have been sharing naked photos on their Instagram and have taken the internet by storm. The account, @ nakedwanderings, has a bio that reads, "Because life is better without clothes! Currently travelling the world as naked as possible."

They travel to places, swim in the sea and do cartwheels on the beach without clothes. The couple revealed that they found out about nudism around 8 years ago when they visited a crowded campsite in Luxembourg and have been following since then.

"'It was loud, full of people, and not really what we were looking for. At the back of the camp, we noticed a naturist part which was all peace and quiet so we decided to try that out. And since then we're completely sold to naturism," the couple told

After getting inspired from nudism, the couple decided to backpack and travel the world together in their birthday suit.

"We started our blog about nine months before we hit the road. The main reason was to show people that naturism is something for everyone, not just for a bunch of old hippies or perverts. We noticed that most of the available online info was either completely outdated or very patronising or with a huge list of stupid rules," they added.

"In Belgium it's still quite a taboo to be a naturist. The national naturist organisation only counts about 7000 members – although unofficial statistics show that many more enjoy naturism now and then but either only on holiday or they don't want to become member of a club."

"Personally we also think that the undertone of the words "naturist" and "nudist" has something to do with it. Many Belgians enjoy their time in the nude but prefer not to be called a naturist or nudist."

Nick and Lins, with thousands of Instagram followers, have travelled through Balkan countries because nudity is accepted there.