While we love to think of Disney stars as the young, cheery trouble-makers, the fact is they do grow up, and become adults that do what adults do. While it is really difficult for them to shake off this child star image, many go a long way in not trying to be put in a box.

Selena Gomez the star of "Wizards of Waverly Place', has remained a good girl long after her Disney tenure and is considered a good role model for tweens and teens by most parents. So when she posted a near-nude picture of herself on Facebook, many fans were disoriented and didn't know how to perceive it.

While the photo received about 1,196,900 likes and 10,300 shares, many people feared that she could go on to be the next Miley Cyrus, who most people dislike because in her own words, she is a "vegan nudist", and of course, for her twerking.

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Here are some of the comments – some of which show unnecessary concern – that the artistically nude photo received:

Jeanne Watson: "What a damn shame! What happened to Alex from wizards of waverly place?"

Arif Munir: We don't want another Miley Cyrus..: /

Rosibel Santamaria: "The moment you realize that she doesn't look an ounce of sexy nor does her hair look healthy. She's pretty just not sexy. She keeps trying so hard but is just doesn't work."

Liza Crowley: "Why does everyone feel the need to be naked all of the time now?"

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Meanwhile young singer Pontus Rasmusson has been doing the rounds of the comments section, and reminding people "Just remember that this is only a photo wink emoticon Not her "new life".

However, some fans are animated in their support for Selena.

Gyzelle Rodriguez: "Girl! You are beautiful! There is a huge difference between miley naked and selena naked. Its called class. Selena brings the art out of the female form. Miley brings out vulgarity."

Maria Terese: "Don't call her names she makes more money than you will ever see she is amazing role model and proformer if u don't have anything nice to say then. Keep your mouth shut"